A Luxury Backpack Made for Tech-Laden Urban Adventure

Minimal on the outside, maximal on the inside.

Copyright 2016 Melanie Riccardi

Backpacks made for travel are rarely worth showing off — utilitarian, ballistic nylon bodies studded with pockets. This Is Ground’s Venture backpack, however, is handsomely designed for tech-reliant urban adventure. Developed in Los Angeles and made in Italy, the bag’s premium, vegetable-tanned leather body balances a minimal aesthetic with maximal utility. In addition to designated pockets for everything from a laptop and headphones to a power adapter and pens, the Venture backpack has a built-in Tile GPS tracker (in case of misplaced baggage) and comes with an optional Karma Go wi-fi hotspot (for constant connectivity). While the Venture Backpack’s $750 price tag is undoubtedly reflective of the bells and whistles it contains, the quality backs it up; it’s a solution-oriented design bolstered by premium materials.

Buy Now: $750+

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