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Get your head in the clouds


Unless you’re a serious editor, investing the time and money to learn Avid or Final Cut can be a boondoggle, but now you don’t have to. WeVideo (Free+) is a simple video editing application that handles all your basic movie-making needs, and has three things going for it the big guys don’t: it’s online, it’s collaborative, and it’s free (to start).

With WeVideo, once you upload your footage (from practically any video recording device), you can edit right in your browser and collaborate in real-time with anyone else in the world — with just an Internet connection. And because it’s on the web WeVideo works with a Mac or PC, smartphones and even some tablets. Plans start at 1 GB of storage with 15 export minutes per month at 360P resolution, and includes 5 invites. That’s free. Things move North from there and top out at a commercial plan which includes 100 GB worth of storage, 720P HD video, and 50 invites — plus some other editing goodies that will make you a believer.

For the unitiated, the interface is simple and intuitive (think iMovie simple) and WeVideo offers hundreds of license-free music tracks that you can use in your projects. They also make it easy to export in high-def to Facebook, YouTube and pretty much every other social media platforms you can think of. So, here’s a project idea. Get all your friends, upload every clip and photo they have from the last bachelor party, and start working on your own rendition of The Hangover. Either way, it’s probably better than the last one. To the cloud, gents.

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