Best of 2015: Buying Guides

A look back at the best buying guides of 2015 — from to camera film to pomades to engagement rings — that told just as much about the buyer as the products.


365 days is a lot of time to seek out stories on adventure, gear, and everything in between. Here’s a look back at the best buying guides of 2015 — from to camera film to pomades to engagement rings — that told just as much about the buyer as the products.

Quote of the Year

Selling the Nightstand, Hard

“While the bed is a playground of desire and respite, it is the bed’s companion piece, the nightstand — that low-slung sentinel set squat next to the frame, quiet, unobtrusive, infinitely handy — that holds our most sacred items.”

– Matthew Ankeny

The Stories

Shop Smart

The Best Scotch Under $250

By J. Travis Smith: Sherry finishes, peat bombs and decades-old age statements: the best premium single malt Scotch under $250 turns any event into a special occasion.

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Wearing One Watch, Three Ways

By Chris Wright: We used three different straps — and some style essentials — to turn the Rolex GMT-Master II into a watch ready for roughin’ it, casual lunch, or a fancy dinner with your boss.

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Getting Back to Analog with Eight Great Camera Films

By Henry Phillips: As part of our comprehensive Film Issue, we confirmed our favorite films for any situation.

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7 Pomades for Every Hair Style

By Jack Seemer: A guide that proves you don’t need a pompadour to rock some pomade.

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12 New Designs on the Traditional Playing Card

By Jack Seemer: Turns out the deck can be its own canvas for great artwork.

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The Best New Video Games to Play with Friends (While Drinking)

By Nick Milanes: You’re an adult, so you should play the best games — and you should pair them with great booze.

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Defining Craft Beer’s Most Popular Enigma, The Juicy DIPA

By AJ Powell: We reported on — and then drank the best of — this confusing “style” of beer.

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4 Ultimate Winter Cycling Kits

By Matthew Ankeny: When the weather gets tough, the tough get riding. We created the kits you’ll want protecting your hide.

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The Complete Guide to Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring

By J. Travis Smith: We spoke with custom ring designers making both traditional and alternative engagement rings, along with online retailers, to compile a comprehensive guide to buying your first, and hopefully last, engagement ring.

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The Ultimate Nightstand

By Matthew Ankeny: A step-by-step guide to building the nightstand of your dreams.

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10 Best Affordable Single Malts

By J. Travis Smith: We spoke with experts and consulted our liquor cabinets to find 10 of the best mid-range ($50-$100) Scotches — and to help you navigate the sea of single malt whiskies.

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25 Best Running Shoes of 2015

By Jack Seemer: We took to the track to test 25 of the best running shoes in the world. Here’s what we thought.

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Killing Words: Hunting Literature’s Best

By Jack Seemer: Hunting dates back to our early ancestors, and has inspired art and literature since. These great reads will introduce you to the world lived and loved by sportsmen.

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The Best White Sneakers for Summer

By Henry Phillips: Wearing the white sneakers during summer is the very definition of classic style.

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Build Your Business Wardrobe with these 36 Essentials

By Gear Patrol: Embracing a new look — whether at the office or out on the town — always starts with a war chest of quality basics. These business wardrobe staples fit all manner of budgets and work environments.

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