10 Most Popular Stories from This Week

Gifts for dudes, smart condoms, iPhone 8 news and more.


We all get busy, locked in our routine of daily processes, and we forget to lift up our heads and look around a bit. In short: we miss things. It’s okay. As the great French writer André Gide wrote, “Everything that needs to be said has already been said. But since no one was listening, everything must be said again.” Or, republished. Here’s a recap of the best stories you may have missed this week.

180 Gifts for Men, All Under $50


You don’t have to break the bank to show your affection or appreciation.

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The World’s First Smart Condom (Well, Cock Ring)


Track calories burned during intercourse, thrusts per session and more.

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12 Great Gifts from the Gear Patrol Store


From a handy new mug to an American-made hi-fi audio system.

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The iPhone 8 Won’t Have Wireless Charging (And That’s Fine)


The allure of wireless charging is more mystical than practical.

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Why New York’s Top Restaurants All Use the Same Dinnerware

Kayla Ramsey

They’ve been proven in restaurant kitchens. Now, Jono Pandolfi’s handmade dishes are coming to your dinner table.

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The 5 Best Hi-Fi Bluetooth Speakers

Henry Phillips

Hi-fi and Bluetooth generally don’t get along. But new technology is letting them reconcile their differences.

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The Perfect City Weekender Bag

Chase Pellerin

The city rewards picky people. So do these looks.

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Volkswagen Takes Aim at the Luxury Market

Volkswagen Arteon

Audi, BMW and Mercedes, take notice.

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Watches Tough Enough to Wear in the Field


Simple, durable, legible and loaded with lume, these watches were made for use out in the middle of nowhere.

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The New Volvo XC60 Is the Prettiest Compact SUV on the Road


Finally, a crossover that isn’t painful to look at.

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