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The Perfect City Weekender Bag

The city rewards picky people.

Chase Pellerin

The city rewards annoying people. You want caviar and a donut at 4:00 a.m.? Annoying. In the city, though, no problem. You feel more comfortable sitting in a chair from Jens Risom than West Elm? Annoying. But, the city understands. In fact, the city is designed by these annoying people who obsess over the most minute details and want to live in a particular way at every particular moment. And, they’re the same people who wear very particular clothes. This collection rewards those people — with classic looks fit for the annoying, wonderful people of the city.

Mulberry Clipper Leather Holdall


You’re not wearing a Canali suit and Sant Laurent boots and carrying a canvas gym bag. Duh. This beautiful tan-brown holdall is perfect for fitting in at the swankiest of valets and can also slip by the bellman as a unobtrusive, under-the-radar VIB. That leather will also, obviously, get better with age.

Buy Now: $2,300

City Formal

Cherwell Merino Wool Sweater by John Smedley $250
Slim Fit Satin Trimmed Wool Tuxedo by Canali $1,975
Suede Jodhpur Boots by Saint Laurent $895
Bigsby Sunglasses by Max Pittion $675
Leather Cardholder by Connolly $165

Formal doesn’t mean ornate. Formal is done best as demure, quiet, subtle, understated. Let the details do the talking. This look, with small punctuation points, a satin-trimmed tuxedo and black suede boots, is ready for the theater or dinner at Le Bernardin. And, perhaps best of all, it’s comfortable — because formal should never be restricting. Read the article.

City Casual

Denim Shirt by APC $220
Tom Loopback Jersey Sweater by NN07 $130
Suede Bomber Jacket by AMI $1,385
107 Slim Fit Jeans by OrSlow $300
Pecos Hawthorne Boot by Redwing Heritage $320
Jagua Bifold Cardholder by Berluti $500

The beauty of the city is anonymity; you are in the center, and you are nothing. Reinvent yourself. Be different. Be the same. The city doesn’t notice; it continues on around you — you, a part of it and not a part. Let your style be of the same spirit. Muted. Quiet. Unnoticeable until there’s a focus — a zooming in of attention on the details. City casual isn’t about making a statement: sticking another billboard in a city full of bright lights and loud voices. It’s about fitting in with the flow, being anonymous; you, fully yourself. Read the article.

About the Location

This look was shot at The Chatwal’s Producer Suite, in New York City. The Chatwal is a classic, 1930s Deco–inspired luxury hotel and a longtime home to NYC’s theater elite. Learn More: Here
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