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Amazon's Trash Controversy, Och's & Junior's Newest Watch, and Ford is Making a "Rattler"

The Gear Patrol Podcast Episode Twenty-Seven – Listen Now

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Gear Patrol

The Gear Patrol Podcast is our weekly roundtable discussion focused on products, their stories, and the culture surrounding them.

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Welcome to the first of a new weekly podcast series we're going to be doing – a round table news discussion. Every week, we'll be discussing and debating a few different topics that catch our eye each week, navigating and discovering cool, exciting or interesting stories and different perspectives.

In this episode, Platforms Editor J.D. DiGiovanni and Deputy Photography Editor Henry Phillips join Nick Caruso and talk about: an exposé that reveals Amazon UK has been destroying millions of goods to meet their bottom line; Ochs & Junior introducing a gorgeous and novel perpetual calendar watch; and Ford trademarking the name "Rattler."

Show Notes:

Episode Navigation:

  • 01:50 – Amazon's Latest Controversy
  • 17:30 – Ochs & Junior's New Perpetual Calendar Watche
  • 32:30 – Ford Trademarks "Rattler" for Some Reason
  • 42:30 – Products and News We're Obsessed With


        From Fast Company: Amazon is destroying millions of unsold goods, from smart TVs to laptops

        From ITV: Amazon Destroying Millions of Items of Unsold Stock in One of Its Uk Warehouses Every Year, Itv News Investigation Finds

        "Innovative Sustainability" – You Might Already Own the Most Disruptive Piece of Outdoor Gear

        This Might Be the Weirdest Perpetual Calendar Watch You've Ever Seen

        This Is How Calendar Watches Work

        These Perpetual Calendars Are Some of the Best Watches from Patek Philippe

        Ford's 'Rattler' Trademark Suggests Another Off-Roader Is Coming

        The Ford Maverick Is a Whole New Kind of Pickup Truck

        Is Ford Already Testing the New, Super-Powerful Bronco?

        The Ram 1500 TRX, Driven: King of the Tyrant Pickups

        12 New Gadgets to Have on Your Radar (inc. Canon EOS R3)

        From PetaPixel: Canon EOS R3 Expected in September, Nikon Z9 in November

        The Ordinary Skin Care Regimen

        Brickit: LEGO Building AR App

        The Gear Patrol Podcast is our weekly roundtable discussion focused on products, their stories, and the culture surrounding them.

        Listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, our website, or wherever else you get your podcasts. Reach out at podcast@gearpatrol.com.

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