These Weighted Blankets Could Unlock a Better Night’s Sleep

The Gravis Weighted Blanket from Montage offers luxury at an affordable price.


Getting a good night’s sleep isn’t always easy. Lots of issues cause restlessness, but a factor that often gets overlooked is your bedding. One item you might want to consider is a weighted blanket. Just as it sounds, they are blankets that are weighted (usually 10 percent of your own body weight) and can provide a beneficial calming effect.

The Gravis Weighted Blanket from luxury bedding and bath company Montage comes in three weights — 15, 20 and 25 pounds — and surrounds you in comfort. Made from high-quality cotton, it’s extremely breathable, cooling in the summer and warming in the winter. Designed to provide in-home deep touch pressure to help decrease stress and anxiety, it means a better night’s sleep is ahead.

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