The Stress-Free Way to Shop for an Engagement Ring

James Allen offers an alternative to traditional engagement ring shopping with thorough online tools and a superb selection of stones.


The magnitude of buying an engagement ring can be stress-inducing. But the shopping itself shouldn’t be. is a one-stop-shop where you can easily personalize and order engagement rings without the pressure of a salesperson looming. Advanced display features give James Allen an edge over the outdated and overwhelming hassle of in-store shopping.

The augmented reality Ring Try-On lets you see what each of its 200,000+ conflict-free diamonds looks like on-hand right from your phone. And the Diamond Display Technology gives HD views of each stone from every angle in 40x superzoom. This technology allows for a better view than in-store with a jeweler’s loupe. These tools, along with above-and-beyond customer service, are what makes James Allen a less stressful approach to engagement ring shopping.

From now until October 21, all engagement ring settings, fine jewelry and wedding bands are 25% off.

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