A Refined Take on the Classic Plaid Flannel

The Lumberjack Flannel Shirt from Life After Denim stands out from other flannels and proves not all flannel is created equal.


Fall is flannel season — you know it, we know it, everyone ordering a pumpkin spice latte knows it. Which means you should embrace it, and put flannels in your rotation that are a notch above others because not all flannels are created equal.

Life After Denim’s Lumberjack Flannel Shirt epitomizes that mindset to a tee. A refined take on the classic plaid flannel, it features dual-wear sleeve cuffs and a chest pocket that includes a handy utility loop. Capped off with premium pearlized buttons, it’s a flannel that’ll help you stand out from the crowd this fall to bring out your inner lumberjack.

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