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These Flannel Jackets Are Just the Right Weight For Colder Weather

Flannel shirts are warm, but flannel jackets are even warmer.

flannel jackets
Gear Patrol

Cemented in the wardrobes of most men, destined to make their annual debut whenever the leaves start turning, are flannel shirts; they feel great, look good, and come with plenty of Americana, outdoorsman lore. We'd all be lost without them. They're perfect for days when it's cold but a jacket would be too damn much. Slide one on over a T-shirt, thermal crewneck or lightweight knit and you're set.

But that's about as far as they'll take you. When real winter weather arrives, flannels prove futile against the cold on their own. They have to be sandwiched between other layers, tasked with providing additional warmth but not shouldering the load. But, I'll be honest, what's the fun in hiding your boldly patterned flannel under a puffer, parka or peacoat? The textured, checkered shirts deserve better — their own time in the spotlight.

Seek out a flannel jacket instead of a flimsy shirt made from chamois. Sure, not all of these could keep you warm in extreme climates — in fact, probably none of them could — but they provide ample warmth to endure the weather of late autumn and early winter. Simply put, these are more substantial than your standard flannel.

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Our pick
Blanket Shirt Jacket

This one's easy to explain. It has everything you love about Outerknown's Blanket Shirt — soft organic cotton in a flattering cut and several stylish patterns to choose from — but made thicker so you can trust it in the winter.

An upgrade
Quilted Flannel Shirt
L.L.Bean x Todd Snyder

This Quilted Flannel Shirt comes from longtime L.L. Bean fan Todd Snyder's collaborative collection with the brand. It's way warmer than a standard shirt but slightly less so than a full-on jacket — find it somewhere in the middle.

an affordable alternative
The Flannel Chore Jacket

Everlane's The Flannel Chore Jacket forgoes retro plaid or patterns for a plain blue look. But that doesn't make it inferior.

Whiting Overshirt
Wax London

Wax London's made a name for itself with the Whiting Overshirt, a tightly wound, heavyweight flannel overshirt. It comes in tons of patterns, plus plenty of colors.

Tex Sherpa Flannel Jacket

This is probably the most jacket-like option listed here. Lined with soft sherpa, XXIII's Tex Jacket keeps you warm while looking rather modern.

Heavyweight Flannel Shirt Jacket
Abercrombie & Fitch

Not sure I'd call this a jacket, per se, as it's probably best described as an oversized, ultra-heavy shirt. It's beefier than basic flannels, that's for sure, but you'd freeze in this alone. With another layer underneath? You're golden.

Brushed Plaid Quilted Shirt Jacket

Quilting gives this Shirt Jacket its lift, and makes it look more like outerwear.

DB Flannel
Darryl Brown

Same goes for this Darryl Brown design: The shirt's got a unique silhouette, so it doesn't look too traditional, and with another layer underneath, you'd be plenty warm.

Quilted Shirt Jacket

With something substantial underneath it, Madewell's flannel Shirt Jacket looks like a serious coat. But, it breathes better than those. You won't sweat through it, but you'll be sufficiently warm.

Sofa Check Jacket
Portugese Flannel

Consider this Sofa Check Jacket the ideal last second add: Wear it over a long-sleeve T-shirt, sweater, or sweatshirt for the perfect fall outfit.

Lewes Fleece Lined Shirt Jacket

Want to add warmth without excess weight? Use fleece. It's a lightweight material perfect for lining a light flannel with — like this one from AllSaints.

Wool-Blend Flannel Blazer
Beams Plus

Blazers don't have to be basic. Opt texture and visual interest with this wool-blend flannel blazer by Beams Plus.

Flannel Chore Jacket
Universal Works

This is a chore jacket constructed from soft flannel. See? It really is a jacket even if it's only as heavy as an overshirt. Use it as a top layer and bundle warm from within.

Cotton-Flannel Jacket
Noma T.D.

Noma T.D.'s zip front cotton flannel jacket has two front pockets, an elasticated waist and a traditional collar. It's a jacket if I've ever seen one, just cut from material usually meant for shirting.

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