Pro Chefs Swear By These Tools and So Will You

Plus, the best place to buy Japanese knives in the US and your chance to buy Anthony Bourdain’s chef’s knife.

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Our home editor knows his way around a kitchen, so you can trust him to cover all the relevant cooking and kitchen stories you need to know. Here’s what happened in the kitchen space this week from the best way to cook a juicy steak to the best dutch oven for you.

Make These Baked Beans from Scratch and You’ll Never Look Back

With a slow cooker, there's no excuse to not make beans from scratch. Start here.

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Want a Juicier Steak? Punch Some Holes in It

Hint: it's all about the muscle fibers.

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16 Tools That Pro Chefs Can’t Cook Without

From an extra-large cast-iron skillet to a charcoal firestarter to a vacuum sealer, these four professional chefs reflect on the gear they couldn't do their jobs without.

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This Tiny Store in New Orleans Might Be the Best Place to Buy Japanese Chef’s Knives in the US

Get a knife made by a 750-year-old name that used to make swords for the Emperor.

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You Can Buy Anthony Bourdain’s Chef’s Knife, Made with Meteorite

A collection of Anthony Bourdain's belongings are up for auction online, including a world-famous knife.

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Staub vs. Le Creuset: Which Brand Makes the Best Dutch Oven?

Any discussion pertaining to enameled cast-iron begins and ends with two brands. We tested them both to see which was truly superior.

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This Is What Every Cast-Iron Skillet Lover Wants for the Holidays

One of the best cast-iron cookware makers collabed with a chef famous for using cast-iron cookware.

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Did This Grill Company Make a Better Big Green Egg?

The masters of luxury grilling just showed off their first new grill since 2014.

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