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Today in Gear: June 25, 2014

Today in Gear: A Swiss-made watch that monitors health, a young American whiskey, an app that promotes wanderlust, the strongest high-end headphones and more.



Wiithings Activité
A hybrid between a beautifully Swiss-made watch and a fitness tracker, the Wiithings Activité works with your smartphone’s Health Mate app to monitor movement — walking, running, swimming — and track calories. Your progress is tracked on a 0-100 scale on the dial; it monitors sleep and can wake you with a gentle vibration; the glass face is responsive to taps; its battery lasts a year without needing a charge. If you don’t like wearing a phone around your wrist, this is a more stylish, less digital, alternative. $390

RootsRated App
Not just for trail-hardened hikers, RootsRated is a new app that’ll help you find the best of anything outside, from trail running paths, prime whitewater, fishing and camping spots and more. After entering any activity and location, the app’ll give you suggestions, directions, reviews and tips based on insights from real local experts. Beware: RootsRated needs cell service to work. It’s meant to help discover new locations, not guide you after you get lost. Free

New England Distilling Gunpowder Rye
This young whiskey, made in Portland, ME with spicy Maryland style rye from local rye and 2-row barley, spends less than two years aging in American Oak. At 87 proof, this “anything but smooth” drink will hit you with blunt force (in the best possible way). $39

Ministry of Supply Aviator Chinos
Founded a few years ago by a couple of MIT grads, Ministry of Supply makes preppy menswear with a technical bent. With increased ventilation and built-in moisture wicking, these chinos are great for summertime in (and outside of) the office. $118

AKG K812 Reference Headphones
AKG’s latest headphones push the limit of high-end for music pros. They’re armed with the largest transducer AKG’s ever built (53mm), the strongest magnet system available on the market (1.5 Tesla) and a two-layer voice coil that “extends sound beyond the limits of the human auditory system”. Sounds cool, if not dangerous. They ship with their own wooden stand. Be careful not to blow out your ears after you’ve blown out your wallet. ~$2,000

Gibbs Quadski XL
Gibbs, the Amphibian Sports experts, have perfected their original Quadski. This jetski/ATV hybrid — with a BMW K13000cc 4-stroke in-line 4-cylinder engine and 4 wheel disc brakes — is now a two-seater. It’s able to reach 45 mph on both land and in water, and we highly anticipate a Bond chase scene involving one in the near future. gibbssports.com

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