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This Week in Gear: February 16 – 20

A look back at an entire week’s worth of gear.


Good morning, and welcome to the latest edition of This Week in Gear — your single-shot serving of an entire week’s worth of killer new gear pulled from our weekday editions of Today in Gear. Bookmark it to peruse over Sunday football and start your Monday completely up to speed. Here’s to another fantastic week.


The Great Wide Open
Those looking for inspiration to get out more, consult The Great Wide Open, a new photo book set to release next month from Gestalten. The book boasts 352 pages (24.5 × 33cm) of photos from all over the world — Iceland, Australia, Mongolia, Peru and beyond — taken by hikers, campers, cyclists, mountaineers, surfers and general adventurers-at-large. $68

Moto Guzzi V7 Racer
Once you’ve been sufficiently inspired, hop on the Moto Guzzi V7 Racer and drive far, far away. A modernized homage to the V7 Sport, the V7 Racer has a four-stroke 744cc engine that turns out 42.7 ft-lbs of torque. It’s got all the modern touches necessary to keep your teeth from chattering all through the ride, with the spirit of the V7’s racing past. motoguzzi-us.com

The Remi Waterproof Blazer
Whether you’re miles from civilization or bar hopping, the Remi, a waterproof blazer from Mission Workshop, is your best bet for classing up your look. It’s constructed from Swiss-made fabric with a heat-reactive waterproof membrane, and it features an adjustable hood, making it perfect for rain, wind and snow — to say nothing of contemplative-looking selfies in front of a shady brook. $785

Blackbird El Capitan
Going for the “wandering troubadour” act? Sling Blackbird’s “El Capitan” over your back. The new guitar is the first instrument to be constructed from Ekoa, a natural fiber composite that Blackbird claims is superior to average wood in terms of tonal responsiveness, durability, and stability in trying temperatures and humidity levels. And like the V7 Racer, it’s got a vintage look — despite the modern inner workings. $3,030

Best Made Co. Ron Cordes Pocket Guides
Of course, if you’re answering the call of the wild for the first time, having a guide would be wise. Best Made Co.’s new line of illustrated pocket guidebooks cover every base for what you’ll need to know out there: weather forecasting, animal tracks, fly fishing knots, backpacking, general outdoor survival and emergency first aid. They’re also waterproof — and therefore a little more useful than your service-starved smartphone in a survival situation. $13

Touch up the photos from your ramblin’ adventure with Astropad, a new app from two former Apple programmers that turns your iPad into a highly accurate tablet, to be used with image processing software like Photoshop. $50

Lexon Take Time 3 in 1 Wrist Watch
For the people who want something for their Rolex off-days, this fun watch is definitely a change. It’s a quartz analog wrist watch with an unusual strap. The silicon loop looks like an old pocket watch chain so you can wear it three ways: on your wrist, off a belt loop, and off a bag strap. It’s waterproof, 30mm, and comes in 10 colors. $50

Maison Desillusion Camp Mug
From our friends at Desillusion comes this set of two black-and-white camp mugs. They’re 8cm tall, made from thick-gauge steel with a double high-gloss enamel. On the back of the mug, there’s a also quote from Irish novelist George Moore that is sure to inspire during your morning meal: “A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it.” ~$34

NEXT by Old Town Canoes and Kayaks
With the open hull of a canoe and the solo maneuverability of a kayak, the NEXT watercraft is geared for the average person who wants to get out on the water. Its hull is made with a lightweight three-layer poly, which can be customized to come in several vibrant colors, and its seat is fully adjustable. But sadly you’ll have to wait; the NEXT doesn’t come out until November. paddlenext.com

White & White Clock by Kibardindesign
Vadim Kibardin has diverged from the conventional digital or analog clock with a more avant-garde item. This minimalist digital clock displays the time without a case. It’s able to produce translucent white light with the help of lithium ion accumulators, and it can easily be mounted on the wall. $227

Nike Tech Aeroshield
The Nike Tech Aeroshield Windrunner is equal parts portable and dependable. It offers air-cooled protection from unpredictable spring elements with its water-repellant DWR fabric, paired with raised flocked circles to maximize air circulation and laser-perforated sweat zones. This jacket is yet another innovation to Nike’s iconic line. $180

Luna Smart Mattress Cover
At a fraction of the cost of a new bed, the Luna Smart Mattress Cover is the newest wave of sleeping technology. It’s able to learn your personal sleep habits and warm the bed on cold night, seamlessly integrating into your nightly routine. With smart alarms to wake you at ideal points during your REM cycles, you may be a few bills away from your best sleep yet. $199

Icon 1000 Basehawk Jacket
Despite their name, motorcycle jackets aren’t limited to being worn on a motorcycle. Icon’s new matte black jacket is no different: Complete with ballistic nylon, leather abrasion panels, and protective D30 armor, this winter shell has no problem beating wind, snow and cold or just taking a beating in general. $280

LG Watch Urbane
At the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2015, LG will reveal its LG Watch Urbane. It’s the brand’s first high-end Android Wear device. Featuring a fully circular display, a thinner overall profile and a narrower bezel, the Urbane will be able to measure all the metrics of the LG G Watch R, but in a classier finished gold or silver body. lgnewsroom.com

Oliberté Zabilo Pullup Sneakers
In case you forget where Oliberté shoes are made, they have “Made in Africa” imprinted on the bottom of each (Ethiopia, to be specific). Authentic cow and goat leather makes the sneakers look casual, but they’re also durable and possess an African flair. And since Oliberté is the world’s first certified Fair Trade footwear factory, you’ll know they were made humanely and that each purchase will help a good cause.

Nutshell Camera
For smartphone users who are left unsatisfied taking photos, and who just don’t want the hassle of making a Vine, here’s the next best thing. Nutshell Camera is app that allows users to add captions and graphics to three different photos, which the app then arranges it into a brief yet entertaining cinematic story. Afterwards, you can share it on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Try it, it’s free. Free

Skins A400 Compression
The new compression sportswear line gets its name from the 400 body points that it aims to deliver more oxygen to. Available in a variety of lower- and upper-body tights, the A400s are scientifically proven to help supply active muscles with more oxygen, and therefore help athletes get more out of their game. Not a baller? These tights will improve your hiking, running and skiing ability as well. $120+

Volcom Lo Fi Shoes
At this time of year, most people are revving for warmer weather. So why not start getting ready with some new shoes? These new Volcom kicks are lightweight, have a deconstructed canvas upper and a neatly detailed sole. Also, since their flower-and-skull graphics are anything but subtle, nobody is going to mistake these for theirs.

The newest source for everything sneaker-related, Nike’s SNKRS app allows you to create a customized feed of your favorite sneaker franchises. With exclusive content, notifications for upcoming releases, and the ability to track your recent orders, SNKRS allows you to discover, buy, and share your favorite footwear all in one place. Free

NOMO Design Auto Icon Screen Print Series
Jerome Daksiewicz’s collection of serigraph prints handsomely illustrates some of history’s most iconic automobiles. 28 icons from each marque (BMW, Porsche, GM and Ford), these carefully crafted 18 x 24-inch illustrations depict the vehicles that made each manufacturer a household name — and the ones that keep it that way. From the 1955 Chevy Bel Air to the BMW i series, this collection shows how time has changed the shape of our cars. $25

SAIC Origin Cuatro Platters
Created exclusively for Design Collab, the Origin Platters provide small-space solutions to organization. Using visual grids as a guideline, these porcelain platters help you manage your space in exact measurements and allow you to organize your belongings in a more efficient, precise and compact space. $4+

Lazer Blade Helmet
Mimicking the style and class of their top-end Z1 helmet, Lazer’s Blade combines great looks with even better performance. Its narrow shape, 22-vent construction, and Advanced Rollsys retention system give it the perfect fit for your daily commute. $95

BCM&T Co’s Blackline Cutting Boards
BCM&Tco’s seeks to execute good ideas with great materials. Their Blackline Collection utilizes a natural reactive process, giving the kitchenware a resilient “self-healing” finish. This unique approach makes use of the tannic acid found in white oak to develop a deep, durable, food-safe dye that won’t succumb to years of abuse from your finest steel blades. $60+

Sony STR-DN860 A/V Receiver
Announced earlier this month, Sony has updated their midrange receiver line. The update integrates new streaming feature (with the support of Google Cast) and supports aptX for high-resolution streaming over Bluetooth and 4k playback. From the kitchen to the bedroom and everywhere in between, pure sound quality will fill every room in the house. sony.com

Ari Levy Fire Tools
Designed by Arik Levy, an alumnus of Switzerland’s Art Center Europe, these tools for the fireplace are constructed of lightweight aluminum with rubber handles for easy gripping. Each includes tongs, a shovel, a brush, and finally, a storage bucket with the word “fire” emblazoned on its side. $250

Best Made Co. Zip Pouches
Constructed from 10-ounce water-repellent canvas, these utility zip pouches from Best Made Co. are available in two different sizes — 8-inch and 10-inch — depending on your organizational needs. They’re outfitted with an unmarked black label painted across the front, which can be inscribed with chalk without damaging the fabric. $34+

NOTCOT IPS-003 Custom Tags
These blacked-out tags from Los Angeles brand NOTCOT reveal reflective stripes under strong light. Made from vegetable-tanned leather, the company can customize the other side of each tag with up to 10 characters of your choosing, making the product an understated baggage tag. $55

Anchor Old Tom Gin
Following the release of their previous two small-batch gins, Anchor Distilling Company announces the Anchor Old Tom Gin, a pot-distilled unfiltered spirit with an unlikely ingredient. In addition to the stalwart botanicals — juniper berries, star anise, licorice root — the gin is produced with stevia, adding sweetness and silky complexion. anchordistilling.com

Paul Drish Luxury Footwear
What Warby Parker is to eyewear, Paul Drish is to footwear. They’ve cut out the middle man selling shoes by focusing the business on e-commerce, considerably reducing the prices of luxury items that rival the quality of their high-end competitors. There are currently 27 styles in their collection, each shipping with a leather shoehorn and an additional padded insole. pauldrish.com

A Chronological Compendium of Watches Print
With watches dating back to 1530, this limited-edition print pays homage to 47 different watches with hand illustrations collected from different artists. Watches range from the Rolex Submariner to the Jaeger-LeCoultre Duometre. Each print ships signed and numbered by all the artists involved. $29
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