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Today in Gear: June 2, 2016

Hi-tech pants, a discreetly patterned duvet cover, hi-fi turntables and much more.

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Dish & Du/er

Good morning and happy Thursday. It was confirmed yesterday that King Tut’s dagger blade was indeed made of meteorite iron. Which, aside from bringing us one step closer to proving that the pyramids of Egypt were constructed by aliens, also lends credence to Egyptian writings from about a century after King Tut’s death that, translated, refer to “iron of the sky.” To find and acquire the highly valuable and mysterious objects that future archeologists will find in your sarcophagus, take a look at what’s good in gear: hi-tech pants designed for comfort and style, duvet cover sets designed to add discreet patterns to your decor, hi-fi turntables designed for the exacting audiophile and much more.

And here are some fresh stories to start the day.

Live Lite Pants by Dish & DU/ER

After all our whining about winter lasting too long, Mother Earth went and gave us our just desserts: a rather early summer. But hot, muggy weather isn’t — and never will be — and excuse to look shabby, especially when traveling. Dish & DUER understands that when a man travels he has to be 100 percent comfortable and 100 percent stylish at all times — no easy feat. They understand this struggle because they lead the charge in remedying it: by marrying technical fabric engineering to veteran fashion industry know-how, Dish & DUER have created the Live Lite Pant. They’re lightweight, breathable and antibacterial — yes, you can wear them more than one day in a row. Which means you can stay true to the pants’ name and travel “lite.”

Learn More: Here

Chambray Linen Stripe Duvet Sets by Parachute

For those of you who love the hell out of minimalist home decor (okay, that’s us) but every now and then deviate a little toward the striped end of things, Parachute has a solution. Their new duvet set’s airy, broken-in feeling takes on perhaps the most important touch surfaces in your life — the ones you spend a third of your day under. Parachute is all about ultra high quality for less than you’d expect; your bed will appreciate the upgrade.

Learn More: Here

Trail Awareness Mountin Bike Bell by Trail

Activated by the very motion of your ride, this bell is hands-free. It’ll mount to handlebars 22-35mm thick, and can be muted using a simple toggle. All the bears will appreciate a heads up — and you’ll avoid a Revenant-esque scuffle as a result.

Buy Now: $20

The Last Stop

Over seven years, architectural photographer Ryann Ford has taken 15 cross-country road trips to document a fast-disappearing part of the great American infrastructure: rest stops. Of the 400 she documented, 75 are included in this book — fascinating relics of our not-so-recent past, all compiled in a nostalgic look at what it used to be to travel over our vast nation.

Buy Now: $28

Hi-Fi Turntables by Fluance

These belt-driven turntables both incorporate Audio Technica Styluses, which do a bang-up job of ironing out distortion, ultimately providing a balanced, clear sounds. The tonearms are aluminum, their bearings smooth — along with the anti-skate system and the wood cabinet houses a Texas Instruments preamp and RCA line inputs plated with gold, every audiophile’s favorite vinyl will come through rich as can be.

Buy Now: $200+

Marls Socks Collection by Bombas

Bombas are all designed with athletic pursuits in mind, proven by the way they hug your feet and stay put. Their new marled line — in ankle- and calf-length styles — adds some texture and visual character to your feet, too. But most importantly, each pair purchased means a pair is donated to the homeless. Do some good, look your best.

Buy Now: $12

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