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This Week in Gear: May 23-27

A look back at an entire week’s worth of gear.


Good morning, and welcome to the latest edition of This Week in Gear — your single-shot serving of an entire week’s worth of the best new gear pulled from our weekday editions of Today in Gear. Bookmark it to peruse while you enjoy the long weekend and start your short workweek completely up to speed. Here’s to another fantastic week.

Gear Patrol Magazine Issue Two


You’ve been waiting for six months and so have we — finally, Issue Two is ready to ship. If you’ve got a subscription, expect a copy soon; if you still need Issue One, it’s available too. For Issue Two, our team of writers and photographers traveled to five destinations, spending time with the people that make each location a notable spot on the globe. We also celebrated one of publishing’s greatest heroes, Esquire‘s former Editor in Chief David Granger, tested personal watercraft in Miami and compiled gear guides galore… and we’re excited to share it all with you.

Buy Now: $20

Cast-Iron Shorts by Edgevale


From Jon Gaffney, Contributor: Shorts as rugged as that cast-iron skillet you inherited from your grandfather’s camp cooking kit. Made in California from American-milled Cordura duck fabric with four times the abrasion resistance of traditional duck cotton. Triple needle stitching throughout and double-thick rear pockets with a reinforced knife gusset for your pocket knife make these your go-to for all summer shenanigans.

Buy Now: $78

Aluminum Luggage by Arlo Skye


An anodized aluminum-magnesium alloy makes these rollers incredibly lightweight and terrifically strong. Also rather handsome. But this beauty goes more than skin deep: a removable, two-port 10,050mAh charger comes integrated, the wheels are 15 percent quieter than usual casters and the interior lining is antimicrobial. Excuse enough to book a flight right now.

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Tap Wearable Keyboard


Using some pretty tricky tech, this finger-puppet wearable converts specific hand motions into keyboard-less typing, transmitting your shorthand to devices via Bluetooth. This means you can stealthily text, write emails in the air and annoy everyone everywhere by drumming out passionate missives to your ex. Join the waiting list now.

Buy Now: $120

Onja Stove by Primus


A reliable, effective Swedish camp stove that looks fantastic and packs into a manageable bundle? Grab the tent, don’t worry about a shower — we’re hitting the great outdoors. The two-burner stove unfolds into a wind-resistant, freestanding appliance that features removable cutting boards.

Buy Now: $140

All About the Dog Pocket Squares by Turnbull & Asser


Back in the ’30s, Turnbull & Asser custom made pocket squares using hand-painted portraits of their pets. Harkening back to yesteryear, this new collection offers a handful of options, each puppy portrait digitally printed on 100 percent silk material in England. Ten percent of the revenue from these sales will go directly to Animal Haven, a nonprofit that finds homes for abandoned pets, which is a truly stylish thing to do.

Buy Now: $600

Comfort Plus Insulated Sleeping Mat by Sea to Summit


Thanks to clever dual-layer construction, this is your inflatable ticket to Snooze Town. Sea to Summit’s clever sleeping mat integrates Air-Sprung Cells™, which eliminate that uncomfortable mushy feeling you get from most mats — the cells respond to pressure individually, allowing the mat to conform to your body and support you accordingly, regardless of how (or where) you sleep. Inflation and deflation is quick, due to a trick air valve, and the Exkin® Platium and Thermolite® insulation layers reflect your body heat and keep the cold ground from freezing you out. And the mats are available in rectangle and tapered shapes for all manner of conditions.

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Hi-Res USB Turntable by Sony


We all love vinyl. A lot. Any good audiophile would. The PS-HX500 plays your vinyl tracks and utilizes its integrated analog-to-digital converter to change them to lossless, hi-res DSD or WAV files. It also looks extremely good, so, like, double whammy. (We also happen to be fans of this model.)

Buy Now $598

White Jean by Todd Shelton


With its direct-buy, made-to-order process, Todd Shelton redefines what it is to be a custom jean manufacturer. For what you get, the price point alone is somewhat shocking; add to that the fact that the jeans are made in America in a responsible environment, and you’re on to something more. It’s almost white jean season — they’re a bold style that will be much easier to pull off if they fit you perfectly.

Buy Now: $180

Weatherproof Jack Purcell Sneakers by Hancock Vulcanized Articles


Keeping your feet dry and looking like a normal, well-adjusted adult can be tricky; most of the water-resistant footwear out there sports colors that would put early-’90s track suits to shame. But this team-up makes it easy to stay classic with your look and keep dry at the same time. Water-resistant canvas matches with Ortholite footbeds and Nike Zoom soles for comfort and traction to boot.

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The Adventurer Microwave by Wayv


Using a 200-watt oven with LDMOS transistors, this fella’s able to heat 500mL of food in one go. Batteries last a half hour, with is more than enough time to make those beans from last night palatable. And since the entire rig weighs only 3 pounds, you won’t mind packing this little heater for your next adventure.

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Ulisse Daybed by Konstantin Grcic


It’s the gorgeous brass hardware on this lounger that really sets it apart. The entirely manual affair keeps you connected to your furniture and allows you an extra excuse to stare at the craftsmanship and beauty inherent in its design. And to think, you put your butt on it.

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Surf Odyssey


Take Africa, Bali and cold water, mix them all together and add a surfboard: that’s what we call a damn adventure. This new book weaves nature together with a search for self, and speaks to the thrill and requisite gear necessary to the journey.

Buy Now: $37

Freedom Bluetooth Headphones by Jaybird


From Tucker Bowe, Tech Writer: With summer just around the corner, and wireless sweat-proof headphones more in demand than ever, Jaybird is striking at just the right time with its Freedom Bluetooth earbuds. Their new buds are sweat-proof, have metal injection molding (for superior and non-plastic fit) and are 20 percent smaller than their other earbuds. The four-hour battery life isn’t ideal, but they do come with a portable battery charger that clips to the headphones’ remote and can add four extra hours of juice.

Buy Now: $200

Light Train Mountain Running Shoe by Salewa


Running, hiking, walking — whatever your activity of choice, if it’s on rough terrain and you need some extra grip, look no further. These very lightweight shoes (260g) feature extraordinary claws: hardcore, lugged Michelin outsoles that were developed exclusively with Salewa and inspired by mountain-bike tires. Which means these shoes will grab hold of whatever soft ground you’ve chosen to train on. They’re also breathable and provide additional stability via the lacing system. Slip ’em on and never slip again.

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Hydrophobic Cavalier Dress Shirt by Threadsmiths


Every time you go to a wedding you swear up and down that you won’t get on the dance floor. And every time you end up on the dance floor, spilling people’s drinks as you do the Macarena to every song that comes on. And those drinks spill on you. This is a slim-fit cotton dress shirt that’s treated to be hydrophobic. Water, coffee, soda, wine — they simply don’t stick to the material, meaning your crisp white wedding-wear will stay as pure as you were before that seventh Jack and Coke. It feels great to wear, looks excellent and is an exceptional idea for someone who makes poor decisions (or if you’re just a little clumsy sometimes).

Buy Now: $89

Wrio Hexagonal Keyboard for iOS and Android


They’ve redone the QWERTY! These hexagon-shaped keys provide more surface area for more accurate typing — and much more. Swipe gestures (for caps or to delete, etc.) and compatibility with over 30 languages make communicating a breeze. And while the layout is different from your traditional thumb pad, the dynamic keyboard adapts to your typing style and makes things easier on you. Thanks to a fully funded campaign, the app is now available for purchase at a limited-time discount.

Buy Now: $3

EGB2 Record Console and Bar by Luno


The exquisite looks of this console tell the whole story. It’s a fantastic concept, blending two old-school pastimes into one gorgeous design piece — we’re making room, well, anywhere we can right this moment. The turntable, speakers and amp even play nicely with Airplay, so while you swill fine whiskey out of the gold-rimmed rocks glasses (also included) and revel in your excellent taste you can switch between spinning vinyl and playing your favorite new downloads. Made in the USA of American Walnut.

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Off-Road Trailer by Base Camp


Steel tube frame, 16-gauge powder coated sheet steel and a 3,500-lb-rated leaf spring axle. This thing is tough, as any adventure trailer should be. It’s clever too: five receiver points around the trailer accept all manner of hitch-compatible accessories. You can go anywhere with pretty much anything you’d ever need and be very confident you’re the biggest badass in the vicinity.

Buy Now: $10,000

Bartender’s Knife by W&P Design


Steel, brass and hardwood: that’s the right recipe for all the garnish carving your cocktail creations could ever desire. The multipurpose blade is designed to slice and poke, negating extra tools (including your grubby fingers). Included is a sharpening stone, so this will be the first and last knife you’ll ever need for your home bar.

Buy Now: $40

Molekule Air Purifier


Photo Electrochemical Oxidization. That’s fancy-speak for “kill the goddamn bacteria instead of sweeping them under the rug.” Filters inside this placid-looking cylinder capture large particles and science-y light stuff breaks them down into their separate, non-threatening parts. Supposedly that means particles 1000 times smaller than what normal HEPA filters stop will be eradicated, allowing you to breathing easier, cleaner and freer.

Buy Now: $500

Lupito Cord Bundlers by This Is Ground


You get three little leather cord de-clutterers with each purchase, so all your Apple devices are about to be oh-so streamlined. The stock white wall outlet adapter slips into these little guys, and the snap strap keeps the cord bundled so very neatly. Don’t not pick up a set.

Buy Now: $25

Royal Digital Grand Piano by Whaletone


This is a state of the art electronic keyboard with ivory-feel keys that pumps out sound through a three-channel amp at up to 1,300 watts. There’s MIDI compatibility and USB storage too. It’s designed to provide a true concert experience. But the real story is how it looks: the design is obviously outrageous and unique, and the piano is probably outside of most musician’s budgets. But if you can swing it, you probably should.

Buy Now: $110,000



You know G-SHOCK: the series of watches that’s somehow tougher than an M1A2 Abrams crossed with a Zumwalt-class destroyer. You know the videos of unfazed G-SHOCK watches being smacked over and over by very heavy hammers. You’ve read the massive list of high-tech features. Now meet the MUDMASTER. Designed for use in deserts and jungles, MUDMASTERS are built to completely shut out mud, dust and sand using a system of overengineered, shock-reducing gaskets and button pipes. Twin Sensor capabilities provide instant access to direction and temperature information when needed under tough conditions. The face is illuminated by a Super Illuminator, high-brightness LED light to ensure high visibility. Your watch very well may survive anything; so go give it something fun to do.

Learn More: Here

Atlas Sunglasses by Spy Optic


The Happy Glass in Atlas sunglasses is said to be the best color-contrast polarized lens material available. Which translates to super clear vision and blocked harmful rays. Speaking of contrast, the tortoiseshell colorway is a welcome deviation from all the other black or fluorescent shades out there.

Buy Now: $250

Omen Gaming Laptop by HP


Part of a range of new products that includes desktop PCs and other accessories, these laptops are game changers. (Eh?) Two sizes, different specs: 15.6-inch with an Intel Core i3 processor or 17.3 inches and an i5 (but you can configure either with an i7 processor, a 4K display and 16 gigs of RAM. Desktops launch in August, and in case you’re wondering those are “Dragon Red” accents.

Buy Now: $900

HopperGo Portable DVR by Dish


Shipping now to Dish subscribers, this very tiny little box lasts four hours on a charge and makes it possible to stream up to 64 gigs of recorded shows and movies on up to five devices at once. It’s also possible to load other, non-DVR media to the device should you want to do that for some reason. Since the HooperGo creates its own network, no internet connection is required so long as viewers have the Dish Anywhere app.

Buy Now: $99

Premium Leather-Base Weekender by Everlane


Everlane just popped some light colored animal skin onto their water-resistant twill bags. Each is constructed by hand; all the leather is cut by an Italian machine. Which is almost as cool as you’ll look carrying this sucker.

Buy Now: $130

X-Fourteen MotoGP Helmet by Shoei


Marc Marquez is a 23 year-old MotoGP champion. Twice over. And this is the helmet he uses to wipe the course with his challenger’s astonished faces. It’s a high-performance piece of armor meant for serious riders, so avail yourself of the myriad tech specs. (And no, it won’t make you a handsome, spry twentysomething. Nice try.)

Buy Now: $840

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