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This Week in Gear: June 6-10

A look back at an entire week’s worth of gear.


Good morning, and welcome to the latest edition of This Week in Gear — your single-shot serving of an entire week’s worth of the best new gear pulled from our weekday editions of Today in Gear. Bookmark it to peruse while you enjoy the gorgeous lead up to spring and start your Monday completely up to speed. Here’s to another fantastic week.

MiniPro by Segway


Be honest: “hoverboards” are, overwhelmingly, obnoxious pieces of junk. They catch fire and get in the way. Segway — yes, that Segway — have responded in kind with a high-end, innovative and, if not totally accessible, at least practical version. Theirs is controlled by precision sensors and a knee bar, can travel 10 mph for up to 14 miles, uses smart algorithms that learn your riding style and a boasts a set of headlights and taillights.

Buy Now: $999

Camp Moc by Engineered Garments x NEO


Handmade boat shoes by two outstanding brands. They’re as stylish and high quality as they are tongue-in-cheek: multiple textures and colors of leather are cobbled (ha-ha) together to form unique footwear as worthy of an Italian fashion runway as it is a dock on the Cape.

Learn More: Here

Magnum “The (More or Less) Decisive Moments” Prints

© Carl De Keyzer / Magnum Photos

Magnum is a photography cooperative founded in 1947 by, among others, the late Henri Cartier-Bresson, patriarch of modern photojournalism. As part of their “The (More or Less) Decisive Moments” series, running from June 6-10, they’re selling museum-quality 6×6-inch prints of decisive photographic moments from icons like Martin Parr, Alex Webb, and Tim Hetherington, all signed by the photographer or stamped by their estate. Based on normal prices for prints from these photographers, it’s a great deal.

Buy Now: $100

100% Rye by Canadian Club


Now you can make a Manhattan — a cocktail named after this, the mighty American city GP calls home — the proper way. That is, with a rye whisky that’s made by our very friendly, very booze-laden neighbors to the north. A perfect pairing if we do say so ourselves. This is an all-new offering from Canadian Club, and affordable to boot. (Which is what it’s all aboot, eh?)

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Hand Balm by Brickell


Chop wood and climb mountains all you want; taking care of your skin is never too girly an endeavor. That’s because cracked, dry hands are unhealthy, painful and unsightly. No one actually takes pleasure in a handshake that feels like wringing out a cat’s tongue, so please look into some purpose-made-for-men lotion and take care of your mitts.

Buy Now: $24

Gear IconX by Samsung


As in completely wireless. No wires between the buds, no wires connecting them to your device of choice. Going one step further, these, the first of their kind introduced by a major brand, have their own internal storage and touchscreen controls, so you don’t even have to bring your phone along on a run. And when you do run, the buds will track metrics like distance, calories burned and heart rate. ICYMI, we wrote more in depth here.

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Tuning System 2.0 by OTTO


Using OTTO’s system and the accompanying app, you can tune your cycle’s rear derailleur in less than a minute. Attach the guides to your bike and the app figures out what to do, then recommends adjustments step by step. Like a one-man F1 pit crew for your two-wheeled sojourns.

Buy Now: $40

Promaster Navihawk GPS by Citizen


The latest iteration in Citizen’s GPS-connected series is a serious pilot’s watch with a bold look. Its 47mm case comes with either a stainless steel bracelet, leather strap or Citizen’s proprietary Super Titanium™ bracelet. That proprietary material is five times as hard as stainless steel but 40 percent lighter. The Promaster Navihawk is ready for active duty too, since its Satellite Timekeeping System automatically keeps precise time and date anywhere in the world. The watch provides coverage across all 40 UTC time zones, and features a 1/20th-second chronograph for up to 24 hours and a perpetual calendar. Light-powered Eco-Drive technology ensures you’ll never have need for a battery change. Whether you plan to conquer the world or simply traverse it, this is the only timepiece you’ll need.

Buy Now: $1295

Nat Geo Insect Shield Henri Shirt by Craghoppers


A modern travel shirt with a twist. This cotton/poly blend shirt does more than just provide moisture control. It does more than fit well, with its modern lines and button-up sleeves. It does more than block UV rays and offer secure, secret zippered storage in a chest pocket. It also wards off insects — from mosquitos to ticks to flies and more. And since it’s Nat Geo branded, you know it’s good for any adventure.

Buy Now: $80

Dark Chocolate Puffs by I Heart Keenwah


Take a boatload of organic and/or fair trade ingredients, make sure a good number are inherently healthy and crunchy grains, smother everything is rich dark chocolate and topped with sea salt or imbued with peanut butter, and you’ve got a damn snack on your hands. A snack you’ll feel eating too much of in one sitting, that is. Not that we insatiably hungry snackers would ever do scuh a thing…

Buy Now: $4

1285 Dress Sock by Mack Weldon


Combining high-end silver thread that is naturally antimicrobial with luxe pima cotton, cushioned soles and colorways that complement any suit, these socks are meant to last forever and keep your footsies cool and comfy (and smelling better than normal) for many stylish wearings to come.

Buy Now: $28

Nick Harris Orion Watch Project


From Chris Wright, Associate Editor: Nick Harris started modding Seikos after he was stumped while trying to fix his grandfather’s Omega Constellation. He’s since been accepted to the Watch Technology Institute in Seattle and continues to mod. His Orion Project, a set of watches he designed that use a Seiko movement and parts made in China, is in its prototype phase; it’s a “”robust and dressy”” watch with a knurled crown, sharp markers and hands, and a NH35 automatic, handwinding, and hacking movement that would make any modder proud. You can pre-order one now, knowing that you’ll be doing more than just buying a watch — you’ll be funding a future. Harris is using the project to help fund his tenure at watch school.

Preorder Now: $400

Pocket Knife by Grovemade


Made in the USA, this Japanese Higonokami design-inspired pocket knife is as simple as it is handsome (nice to say about a knife, not so nice to say about your brother’s kid). Hand-sanded and oiled maple or walnut woods for a handle around the Elmax steel blade. The blade doesn’t lock, so be extra careful when you take it out of your pocket for hours on end just to ogle.

Buy Now: $169

The Backpack by TravelTeq


It’s often said that a proper adult, especially a businessman, should forego a backpack in favor of a handsome briefcase. It’s also often the case that there are exceptions to the rule. Made in Tuscany out of sturdy leather and rubber-coated nylon (making it water resistant), this backpack is gorgeous enough and capable enough that any commuter with a computer (there’s a padded laptop sleeve) should consider it.

Learn More: Here

StrongArm Knife by Gerber


The full-tang 4.8-inch blade on this knife features a hard ceramic coating and grippy rubber handle. Perfect for all those tactical situations you’re always getting yourself into. For more fixed-blade knives, check out our guide here.

Buy Now: $86

Parker Driving Loafer by Jack Erwin


Every man needs a good driving shoe in his arsenal. These feature a clever design to reduce slippage and stay snug on your foot — perfect for a jaunt around town or for heel-toeing those perfect, grippy downshifts. Featuring an Italian nubuck upper in nine colors.

Buy Now: $115

Dakar Racing Truck by Kamaz Master


The Dakar Rally is a 1,000-mile race across the desert in which teams have to carry all their equipment in the very vehicle that’s racing. Kamaz lost the 2016 race, but is aiming to take the race in 2017. Case in point: this bad mother of a truck, with 980 horsepower out of a gargantuan 12.5-liter diesel engine and a 15-speed transmission. Which is… crazy. Especially since it’s easy to go dune riding with so much (okay, just slightly) less.

Learn More: Here

T7 Bluetooth Speaker by Bowers & Wilkins x Burberry


This collab has generated one very capable, luxuriously appointed Bluetooth speaker. The B&W unit is known for its premium sound and long battery life; now it’s adorned with golden accents and one of two cases — black leather or tan suede.

Buy Now: $995

Parce Rum


Colombia. Land of beauty, land of… rum. Receiving a 92 rating in the Ultimate Spirits Challenge and available in 8- and 12-year vintages, this might just be the tipple your old man needs come Father’s Day. (In case you need way, way more excellent ideas: our Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide has your back.)

Learn More: Here

SmartCast 45-Inch 5.1 Slim Soundbar System by VIZIO


This two-inch-tall and two-inch-deep bar proves, like those dried-out sponge toys kids love, that big things come in slender packages. Two additional speakers and a svelte subwoofer are included, so you can make that #surroundsound dream a reality. A dedicated center channel handles spoken dialogue, while custom drivers deliver the rest of the aural goodness. But the bigger news is that Vizio is taking on other similar setups with their iOS and Android apps, which can stream music from all your other favorite apps; a built-in wi-fi connection means you can also stream directly to your sound bar setup.

Buy Now: $500

Pampa Hi boot by Palladium x SOPOPULAR


SOPOPULAR designer Daniel Blechman combines streetwear and high-quality materials to form next-level fashion items. These Chelsea-like boots feature a suede upper with zipper and velcro closures mated to Palladium’s distinct outsole.

Buy Now: $125

17 Year Old Tennessee Whisky by George Dickel


Bottled by hand just south of Nashville, this new whisky can almost vote, but can’t quite drink itself. Available in a 375mL bottle, the label’s special colorway denotes the whisky’s limited-numbers and “reserve” status. Definitely worth a road trip.

Buy Now: $75

Spartan Ultra GPS Sports Watch by Suunto


Handmade in Finland and water resistant to 100 meters, these touchscreen watches are tough as nails, thanks to their many strong materials: glass fiber-reinforced polyamide casing mates to a stainless-steel or grade 5 titanium bezel. A digital compass, a barometric altitude sensor and GPS guidance make it a must for any adventurer’s wrist.

Learn More: Here

Easy Wire Coyote Tote by Briefing


Along with its large main compartment, this tote features a shoe sleeve, removable strap and myriad other pockets — all built to MILSPEC standards. It’s constructed of high-density ballistic nylon that’s sewn together to be rhino-tough and perfect for your next picnic/safari.

Buy Now: $475

2016 Splash Collection by Le Club


Inspired by Miami’s diverse residents and colorful aesthetic, these are a great pick for any male waist-to-knee area that’s thinking about spending time in or around a body of water this summer. Which is to say, you’re nearly late, so get on it.

Buy Now: $110

Eyewear by Todd Snyder x Sol Moscot


Two legends, three new pieces of eyewear. This collab boasts both eyeglasses and sunglasses based on Sol Moscot silhouettes, updated with Todd Snyder’s characteristic green colorway.

Learn More: Here

Seven-Fold Ties by Turnbull & Asser


Take seven layers of silk, toss in some good old handmade luxury and, baby, you’ve got yourself a luxe, thick tie that’s perfect for, dare we say, the dapper dad in your life. It’s about that time of year, after all…

Buy Now: $320

Travel Series Steel Tumblers by Pelican


Pelican, known the by people who like their stuff protected the world over, have introduced their first line of drink wares. These stainless steel tumblers come in two sizes and feature vacuum insulation and a copper-plated inner wall to keep your drip coffee hot and your cold brew cold.

Learn More: Here

New NMD_R1 Sneaker Colorways by Adidas


Adidas is on a roll with their hit sneaker, and they’ve come out with three new colorways as a thank-you to themselves. Featuring circular-knit, sock-like uppers, a TPU heel counter and EVA inserts, these fly kicks are now available in black, navy and gray. Effortless style, endless comfort.

Learn More: Here

Deckchairs by Harland Miller


You know those Penguin books you read in high school? This here designer, Harland Miller, is famous for subverting those originals with large canvas prints of funnier titles. And now you can sit your subversive butt on them and watch the summer world go by.

Learn More: Here

Men’s Skincare Line by Philosophy


After 20 years, Philosophy is getting in your face. Their new line features a scrub (2-3 times/week), moisturizer (every morning after your shower), and a shaving foam/cleanser that’ll help you achieve a nice, clean shave (wash daily, shave for job interviews).

Learn More: Here

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