6 Great Stories of Adventure

Worthy long reads.


Not the least of our efforts here at Gear Patrol is our long-form storytelling. Sometimes it gets buried under gear news, product testing or sexy photos of Porsches. But it’s there, and — if I may — it’s robust. The stories reported by our team compete with the top journalism on the men’s lifestyle market today, and many of our contributors and staff have been recognized as such.

We count among our ilk prominent literary journal contributors, nominees for The Best American Sports Writing, regulars for the New Yorker, New York Times and Wired, and a whole slew of aspiring writers chomping at the bit to be the next stars in the grand tradition of journalism. On this lazy Sunday, take a minute to indulge a bit in their good work. – Matthew Ankeny

I Hiked Up and Biked Down the World’s Tallest Volcano


A ragtag crew of friends, some mountain bikes, and Chile’s monster volcano. What could go wrong? – By Charles Bethea

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How Kayaking Saved the L.A. River


What’s it take to rescue a waterway? Just an out-of-touch governmental agency, a whistleblower’s bold move and an unlikely hero’s ad hoc, bootleg journey.
By Hayden Coplen

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The Man Who Backflips Bulls

Tuckness's job is to protect bull riders from the aftereffects of tangling with a brahma bull, which would “just as soon kill you as look at you." The bulls themselves are devastating athletes. One bull rider called them "like 2,000-pound cats."

For five-time World Champion Dusty Tuckness, rodeo bullfighting isn’t just saving fallen cowboys from hooves and horns — it’s turning the escape into a masterpiece.
By Chris Wright

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Words Without Context

A Notable Quote from the Archives

“It looks like a ball of wet Play-Doh, filled with a bitter orange purée, meant to mellow the piure’s natural and very potent flavor of iodine. It doesn’t.”
– Jack Seemer

Mountaineering’s Drug Problem

CAPTION (Photo: Adidas Archive)

Are climbers who use prescription medications, supplemental oxygen, or methamphetamines during extreme ascents cheaters or heroes? – By John O’Connor

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An Exit Interview with David Granger, Editor in Chief of Esquire


Quality time and a round of golf — for money — with David Granger, the Editor in Chief of Esquire for 19 years and winner of 17 National Magazine awards.
By Jeremy Berger

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Inside the World of Women’s Elite Cycling

hi matt
Sung Han

Cycling season is back. Here’s some motivation. – By Matthew Ankeny

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