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This Week in Gear

A look back at an entire week’s worth of gear.


Good morning, and welcome to the latest edition of This Week in Gear — your single-shot serving of an entire week’s worth of the best new gear pulled from our weekday editions of Today in Gear. Bookmark it to peruse while you show your support for America’s public lands, and start your Monday completely up to speed. Here’s to another fantastic week.

Arc’teryx Monitor Down Coat


The warmest jacket in Arc’teryx’s 2017 Veilance collection contains 850-fill European goose down channeled into sleek, near-invisible chambers. Its 70-denier nylon and Gore-Tex Pro shell provide breathable protection from the harshest winter conditions. Additionally, taped seams and minimalist styling create a modern, urban look; the technical features, however, far outweigh its cosmopolitan leanings.

Buy Now: $1,500

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Fancy Water On Tap


Aarke Sparkling Water Maker: Only for the most discerning bubbly water aficionados. (We’re pretty sure no such person exists, but oh well.)

Buy Now: $200

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Leather Boots and Classic White Tee Required to Ride


Ducati Urban Enduro: Sure, it’s “urban.” But it’s a country boy at heart.

Buy Now: $10,495+

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The Blackest Black


NanoLab Singularity Black Paint: Remember Vantablack? That lab-created black paint so dark that it sucks up and devours all light, like a black hole? Singularity is essentially the same thing; unlike Vantablack, you can actually buy it. Courtesy of Jason Chase

Buy Now: $50

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Good for Design Museums, Or Your Nightstand


Foscarini Filo Table Lamp: A deconstructed table lamp. Yep.

Learn More: Here

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Porsche’s Most Impressive Option


Porsche Braided Carbon Fiber Wheel: 18 pounds lighter and 20 percent stronger than conventional alloys.

Buy Now: ~$18,000

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Horse Brand Naval Knife with Leather Sheath


From the Gear Patrol Store: Brass and steel achieve a balanced harmony in this nautically inspired fixed blade from Horse Brand. The drop-point blade is forged from corrosion-resistant 440c stainless steel and finished with a Scandinavian Grind that runs the length of the blade and is easy to sharpen and maintain whether in the field or at sea.

Buy Now: $240

Raleigh Electric Redux iE


After 130 years of building great bicycles, Raleigh Electric has engineered what is perhaps its most fun and capable commuter ever built: the 2017 Redux iE. Equipped with a German-made 250-watt pedal assist motor and 36-volt downtube battery, the Redux iE reaches 28 mph on flat land; Shimano hydraulic disc brakes stop the lightweight alloy frame on a dime, while burly Schwalbe Big Ben tires glide over bumpy roads and roadside debris.

Buy Now: $3,099

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Haul Your Kayaks, Bikes and Other Toys


LockRack: A unique roof rack, born and bred in South Africa. Now it’s gone global.

Learn More: Here

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Make Great Coffee With a Piece of Industrial Art


Newton Minimalist Espresso Maker: The most cleverly designed espresso maker we’ve ever seen.

Learn More: Here

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Sweden and America Make a Great Team


Stutterheim X Alpha Industries Collection: Combine military style with high-end Swedish rainwear, and good things are bound to happen.

Learn More: Here

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Enterprise Rent-a-Car? Forget About It


Hagerty Driveshare: A new way to rent cars.

Learn More: Here

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A Chair So Gorgeous You’ll Be Afraid To Sit in It


FIL Mass Series Dining Chair: Fabric, copper and wood. Elegantly simple.

Learn More: Here

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Royal North Company Kitchen Knife


From the Gear Patrol Store: This knife is hand-crafted with care in Royal North’s RNC workshop using high-carbon O1 steel, Canadian curly maple and solid brass. The high-carbon steel was chosen for this knife because of its superior strength, rigidity and long-lasting blade edge. With a little care, this will be the only kitchen knife you’ll ever need.

Buy Now: $279

Indian Springfield Dark Horse


The Springfield Dark Horse is Indian’s stripped-down bagger. It’s blacked-out from front fender to rear and roars across the asphalt with an 111-cubic-inch V-Twin engine. Additionally, the windshield easily pops on and off, and the hard-top saddlebags are totally waterproof. A six-speed transmission and cruise control ensures a long, smooth and incredible ride.

Learn More: Here

Norden Plateware


Handsome, hand-thrown candles beautiful enough to live on in another life as ceramic glassware. The plates and planters are fantastic, too.

Buy Now: $40+

Stanley Classic Vacuum French Press


A tried-and-true American classic, now built for quick-hit pots of java. It keeps cold drinks icy cold for up to 24 hours, hot for four.

Buy Now: $56

Meters Cubed 20W Stereo Bluetooth Audio System


Audiophiles, take note: these Bluetooth speakers — yes, Bluetooth — have a built-in VU meter. As the volume ebbs and flows, the needle flicks back and forth across an illuminated dial.

Buy Now: ~$250

Grovemade Walnut Coaster Set


Simple, elegant American walnut coasters lined with virgin wool.

Buy Now: $29

Pioneer Shovel/Spade/Axe Mounting Bracket


Shovels and spades and axes and other sharp things do not belong inside your car, where they are prone to bang around and slice up the interior. Mount ’em on your roof instead.

Buy Now: $109

Seiko Diver 6105


From the Gear Patrol Store: Used extensively in the field by soldiers and frogmen, the 6105 developed a reputation as a no-nonsense timepiece for professional use. This reputation has lasted through to this day and has inspired countless diving watches in subsequent decades, including many of Seiko’s current dive watches. Fans of Apocalypse Now will recognize the 6105 on the wrist of Martin Sheen’s Captain Willard. Whether you love the smell of napalm in the morning or you just want a damned dependable dive watch, the 6105 is what you need.

Buy Now: $1,600

Zodiac Sea Wolf 53


Zodiac created this special-edition Sea Wolf 53 as a tribute to a rare colorway from its iconic ‘60s diver. The result, with its pale blue bezel and black and orange dial, is a dead-ringer for the original. The watch’s compact case — at just 40mm in diameter and 11mm thick — certainly helps bring that vision to light, as it calls to mind the smaller tool watches of the mid-20th century. But the movement is all new: an automatic STP 3-13, certified to the COSC’s stringent standards for accuracy. That’s a lot of watch for the money.

Buy Now: $1,495

Away Packing Cubes Set


Rashida Jones packing cubes? An odd collaboration, no doubt. And yet a great one.

Buy Now: $45

Western Digital My Book Duo 20TB Desktop Hard Drive


A staggering 20TB of storage. That’s enough space for, like, one season of Game of Thones.

Buy Now: $850

New Custom Engraved Wooden Map Luggage Tags


Select your own little slice of whatever city you call home (you can even zero in on your exact GPS location); then, choose between roads or a topographic map. On the other side, add your name, address and whatever else. Available in maple, cherry and walnut.

Buy Now: $69

Best Made Co. German Kitchen Knife Sets


Crafted by master German knife makers, using Japanese methods that have been refined over generations.

Buy Now: $598+

Patrón Extra Añejo


Patrón’s first new core-line tequila in 25 years.

Learn More: Here

Ezra Arthur Cash Fold


From the Gear Patrol Store: A better money clip that’ll help you carry a good amount of cash and stay slim and comfortable in your pocket. There are no metal parts, so it won’t cut through your clothes like most conventional money clips. Easily holds up to 30 bills and pairs very well with our No. 2 Card Wallet for everyday carry.

Buy Now: $40

TaylorMade 9790 Irons


TaylorMade’s “most playable” forged irons ever are injected with a special foam designed to increase distance and decrease sound.

Buy Now: $1,300

Nikon D850 Camera Body


An impressive evolutionary step up from the D810.

Buy Now: $3,300

Clarks Nature V Boot


The latest gorgeous thing to come out of Clarks’ creative renaissance.

Learn More: Here

Seiko Fieldmaster Lowercase


Part dive watch, part field watch. Available exclusively at Seiko Japan and Freemans Sporting Club.

Buy Now: ~$340

Chipolo Ultra Thin Wallet Tracker Card


Slip this into your wallet just like a credit card, and never lose your wallet again.

Buy Now: $35

Lagunitas Supercritical


Beer made with Northern California’s finest cannabis. No, it won’t get you high, but it probably will activate parts of your taste buds you didn’t know existed. For now, it’s available only at select bars in California.

Learn More: Here

Brilliant Bicycle Co. Exclusive L Train Commuter


From the Gear Patrol Store: The time to take back your commute is now. If you’re one of the 250,000 Brooklyn residents directly affected by the 15-month shut down of New York’s L train subway line, Brilliant Bicycle Co.’s new L train bike is specifically tailored to help.

Buy Now: $650

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