Our Most Popular Stories of the Week

Here are our most popular stories of the week, in case you missed them the first time around.

Henry Phillips

Over the last week, we dived deep into background stories: from denim to watches to three-in-one jackets (don’t buy those, by the way), these are the stories Gear Patrol readers liked the most.

This Is the Best Hybrid Smartwatch I’ve Ever Worn

Reviewing the first hybrid analog smartwatch to feature heart rate monitoring. (It makes a difference.)

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6 Affordable Classics You Can Drive to Work Every Day

Find modern cars a bit boring? A classic is a surefire way to bring character to your commute.

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15 Best Products That Work with Apple HomeKit

From lights to cameras, outlets and sensors – get Siri to control them all.

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The iPhone X May Be Discontinued — Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Care

There are rumors Apple may have discontinued it’s iPhone X. Let’s take a breath and unpack it.

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Why You Should Never Buy a Three-in-One Jacket

It may seem like smart design and a great deal - but it isn't. And here's why.

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How A Small German Village Became the Most Important Place for Watches

Glashütte, with a population of around 7,000, has all the hallmarks of any other sleepy town in the German state of Saxony: steep hillsides, surrounded by forests. It is, however, home to the makers of...

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How Affordability Is Winning the Watch World

At SIHH, watchmakers embraced entry-level luxury with value-driven timepieces.

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Why Your Next Pair of Sunglasses Should Have Blue Lenses

Reduce glare, enhance contours and reduce stress on the eyes.

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Now Is the Time to Buy Up Cars of the ’90s and Early ’00s

Enjoy them and resell in 10 to 15 years for a payday.

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Where the World’s Best Denim Is Made

These denim mills make top-tier fabric used in some of the best goods you can buy.

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