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Savor it with your Saturday morning coffee, or use it to fend off the existential panic of Sunday night — it’s up to you.


We publish our weekly roundup of gear news for you to enjoy over the weekend. Savor it with your Saturday morning coffee, or use it to fend off the existential panic of Sunday night — it’s up to you. Comments or concerns? We’d love to hear from you at tig@gearpatrol.com.

Monday, September 24

Power Reserve and Accuracy Are Boosted in the Clifton Baumatic

The Clifton Baumatic from Baume & Mercier boasts the Swiss watchmaker's first ever in-house mechanical self-winding caliber, achieving high-end performance.

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Converse Releases a New Suede Version of Its Classic High Top Sneaker

A great fall sneaker for under $100.

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This Murdered Out Audi Quattro Is the Best Alternative to an Original M3

The Audi Quattro coupe came before the M3, is more capable, more advanced and when it's murdered out like this one, it's the best alternative.

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The Coolest Brand in Running Just Made a Shoe

Satisfy is the antitheses of the mainstream running brand, but it teamed up with one to make its first shoe.

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These Are the Cheapest 4K Streaming Sticks You Can Buy

Roku announces two new streaming sticks that don't skimp out on the features.

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These Sneakers Feature a Material You’ve Never Heard of

Hand-painted semi-cordovan and yak tendon.

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Tuesday, September 25

The Legacy of the Oris Divers Sixty-Five Continues

The iconic Oris Divers Sixty-Five timepiece gets a 21st-century modernization for an ode to the classic.

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Panasonic’s First Full-Frame Mirrorless Cameras Are Unique In a (Newly) Crowded Field

The Lumix S1 and S1R will both use Leica's existing full-frame-L mount SL system.

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An Incredibly Easy Way to Update Your Old Car

AT&T is now getting into the aftermarket with a novel approach, the Harman Spark OBD II plug.

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This Collection Offers the Best of Both Italian Tailoring and Japanese Innovation

Seven pieces that blend functional fabrics with tasteful designs.

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A Simple but Essential Piece Of Gear For Cold Weather Riding

Now that summer is done and dusted, next up on the to-do list is preparing for a new season of cool-weather riding.

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Aesop’s First Design Product Looks as Good as You’d Expect

An oil burner that works and looks good? Yes.

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This Discounted Trail Quilt Will Make You Ditch Your Sleeping Bag

Kammok's Bobcat trail quilt is designed with features that make it versatile enough to replace that old camping standard. (It works great for lounging at home too.)

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This Is the AirPower Alternative You’ve Been Waiting For

If you've been holding your breath for Apple's AirPower and are getting red in the face, this might actually be a better alternative.

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Wednesday, September 26

Ski Season Is Coming and These Are the Gloves You Need

The Hestra Army Leather Couloir gloves are constructed for maximum warmth and dexterity with minimal excess materials.

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You Will Not Find a More Beautiful Custom Scout For Sale

New Legend brings the iconic Scout into the 21st century without compromising its old world charm.

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A Rolex Used in the Making of a James Bond Movie Is Going Up for Auction

From A License to Kill and Rolex's last appearance on 007's wrist.

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This Hoodie Is the Only Hoodie Worth Wearing this Fall

Saturdays NYC somehow manages to improve a wardrobe staple.

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Volvo Makes the Best-Looking Off-Roader On the Market

In true Volvo fashion, this isn't just some in-name-only model, the Swedes gave the V60 Cross Country wagon some real upgrades to tackle some dirt.

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Dwyane Wade Wants You to Travel in Style — and Bring Your Valuable Wines Along With You

Add one of these to your list the next time you're booking a trip, and know your favorite vintage Pinot can come along for the ride.

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Thursday, September 27

The Carry-on Suitcase To Make Your Travels Easier

The Montblanc Cabin Trolley is an upgraded carry-on piece of luggage with elegant design, smart features, and durability.

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An Experimental Watchmaker Releases a Funky Chronometer Dive Watch

Featuring a movement with silicon parts and unique design details.

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Icebreaker’s Latest Collaboration with Goldwin Is the Perfect Travel Attire

The latest Tabi collection from powerhouse brands Icebreaker and Goldwin is just what we want to wear on the plane and to work.

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There’s An All-New Hyper-Aggressive Adventure Motorcycle On the Way

Now that Yamaha is teasing a new adventure motorcycle it's safe to assume 2019 will be a big year for adventure motorcycles.

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Oculus’s New VR Headset Is a Glimpse Into the Future

It looks cool - but not quite as cool as "Ready Player One."

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A New Lock Makes This Everyday Knife Even Better

SOG unveiled its new XR lock on an updated version of its everyday-friendly Terminus pocket knife.

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These Aren’t Your Average Throwback Socks

Made from hemp and organic cotton.

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This Accessibly-Priced Indie Brand Released a New Watch With Two Complications

What's more, if you order on Kickstarter you can get it at a discount.

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Friday, September 28

These Jeans Combine Athletic Function With Top-Notch Denim

Revtown jeans are the result of masters of craft in denim teaming up with leading athletic apparel designers to make a new type of denim.

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The New Audi SQ2 Is Just a Big Hot Hatch

Audi is busy bolstering its SUV lineup with entirely new models, but more importantly, it's slotting in S-level performance version as well.

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This American-Made Overshirt Is Ideal for Fall Weather

Available in flannel and corduroy.

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If You Like Fresh and Flavorful Coffee, Buy These Storage Vessels Now

That flimsy bag isn't doing your coffee any favors.

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Military Tech Makes These New Socks Awesome

Lorpen's T3+ ski sock is the first sock to use Polartec's Alpha Insulation, which was originally developed for US Special Forces.

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