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Today in Gear: Tockr’s Swiss Panda-Dial Chronograph, Our Guide to Affordable 4K Video Projectors & More

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The Air Defender Chronograph from Tockr takes cues from timepieces designed specifically for military pilots during the 1970s. The cushion-shaped cases come in a multitude of different materials, but they all share the same striking design.

The latest addition to the Air Defender family is the black PVD finish case with a panda dial. Coming in the standard 45mm size, the PVD (physical vapor deposition) process creates a very durable, corrosion- and tarnish-resistant finish. The timepiece also includes the reputable Swiss-made Valjoux 7750 movement with a custom skeletonized rotor, all elegantly displayed through a sapphire crystal case back. This automatic mechanical movement is amagnetic, shock-resistant and provides 42 hours of power reserve. It’s all finished off with a handmade black leather strap from HIX Designs of Oklahoma, a welcome addition to the Air Defender line.

Buy Now: $1,950

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It’s Time to Invest in a Better Sweatshirt

Made from American-grown Supima cotton and sewn in a Fair Trade Certified factory.

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Jerry Seinfeld Is In Trouble Over This Rare Porsche 356 – Here’s the Deal (Updated)

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Fresh Deals


Rain Jackets Sale
Save up to 50%The rainy season isn’t upon us just yet, but it’s coming. Now is the time to think about your rain jacket, not after all the snowflakes transform into globs of H2O. It’s easy to revive a rain jacket that isn’t as waterproof as it once was (read our guide on how to do that here), but if the interior lining is peeling or bubbling and separating from the shell, then it’s time to look for a new one. Thankfully, many of the best are currently on sale as brands and retailers work to offload their wares from past years. Below are four of the best discounted rain jackets we found. — Tanner Bowden

Buy Now: Here


Samsung Q6F 4K HDR TV
Save $300+: The Samsung Q6F is one of the company’s best 4K HDR TVs. Released in 2018, it was designed to compete against LG and Sony’s high-end OLED TVs — just at a slightly more affordable price. Its QLED display is able to achieve excellent levels of brightness, contrast and color, making it a great TV for watching films, sports and shows, as well as playing the latest video game consoles in beautiful 4K HDR. And from a home decor perspective, the Samsung Q6F is super thin with virtually zero bezels — it’s stunning.

Buy Now: $1,100 $800


Beats Powerbeats3 Wireless
Save $110

Last year, we stacked the Powerbeats3 against eleven other pairs of wireless and true wireless sport headphones from brands like Jabra, Sony and Bose, and the Beats held out. The list of pros includes a super-comfortable fit, fast and seamless Bluetooth pairing, a 12-hour battery life and bass-pumping sound. The principle con is price, but the current discount shaves $110 off its full tag, which is a deal even the choosiest athletes can’t dispute. — Tanner Bowden

Buy Now: $200 $90


Vitamix Explorian Blender (Refurbished)
Save $140 Vitamix is to blending what Dyson is to vacuuming — the ultimate home upgrade that can be hard to pull the “buy now” trigger on. Vitamix’s E310 model, or Explorian, was built to combat that. Bought new, it’s $100 cheaper than Vitamix’s classic 5200 blenders. Today, this refurbished model is $300 cheaper.

From a performance perspective, the Explorian blender goes toe-to-toe with the 5200 — same ultra-sharp aluminum blades, same simple control panel, same power output. It sheds cost (and weight) by using plastic for the body instead of the 5200’s sturdier metal casing (plus, its blend container is slightly shorter). If you’re unsure why the hell anyone would want or need a blender this nice, Vitamix keeps a stockpile of recipes that are meant for performance blenders to guide you (don’t sleep on the nut butters).

If you’re not interested in manufacturer refurbs or you’d rather go straight to the top, the 5200 is also severely discounted — down from $450 to $300. —Will Price

Buy Now: $290 $150


Huckberry Knives Sale
Save up to 30%I still remember when my dad gave me my first pocket knife. More specifically, I remember when he gave my brother his first pocket knife, an event that made me realize I wanted one too and kicked off months of advocating that I was old enough and responsible enough to wield a blade. (For the record, my brother shortened his finger by a quarter-inch with his knife; I remained injury free.) Even though both of our first knives were cheap and basic, I’ve kept mine over the years and consider it as an object that carries high personal value. That’s one of the great things about pocket knives — even the cheap ones can become valuable.

Right now Huckberry is selling a variety of blades for as much as 30-percent off. Some are high-end, while others are more simple. — Tanner Bowden

Shop All: Here

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