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These Are the 10 Best iPhone Photos

And two of the photos were taken on an iPhone 7.


The ‘Shot on iPhone Challenge’ was Apple’s way of encouraging iPhone users to get out there and show off what they could do with an iPhone. It was a photography contest, of course, which ran from January 22 to February 7, with the ultimate goal of awarding the best iPhone photos and their photographers. The contest didn’t discriminate iPhone models, as photos could be submitted that were shot on an iPhone 7 through the iPhone XS Max. And there weren’t any guidelines in terms of what those photos could be; portraits, landscapes, wildlife, sports, aerial — it was all fair game as long as the photo was shot on an iPhone.

Well, Apple just announced the ten winners of its latest #ShotOniPhone challenge, of which you can expect to see posted on billboards around the world. If you’re wondering, the photos were selected by a mix of judges, from well-known photographers like Pete Souza and Austin Mann, as well as Apple execs like Phil Schiller and Sebastien Marineau-Mes.

We’ve published the 10 winning photos below. Feel free to scroll through them, and as you do, be sure to check out which photos were taken with which iPhone. Of the 10 photos selected, four were shot on an iPhone Xs Max, two on an iPhone Xs, one on an iPhone X, one on an iPhone 8 Plus, and two on an iPhone 7.

Robert Glaser


Model: iPhone 7
Location: Germany
Photographer’s IG: @yungbrioche

Nikita Yarosh


Model: iPhone 7
Location: Belarus
Photographer’s IG: @yarosh.nikita_

LieAdi Darmawan


Model: iPhone XS
Location: US
Photographer’s IG: @adidarmawan

Elizabeth Scarrott


Model: iPhone 8 Plus
Location: US
Photographer’s IG: @liz.scarrott

Dina Alfasi


Model: iPhone X
Location: Israel
Photographer’s IG: @dinalf

Darren Soh


Model: iPhone XS Max
Location: Singapore
Photographer’s IG: @darrensohphoto

Blake Marvin


Model: iPhone XS Max
Location: US
Photographer’s IG: @blakemarvin

Bernard Antolin


Model: iPhone XS Max
Location: US
Photographer’s IG: @bernardantolin

Andrew Griswold


Model: iPhone XS
Location: US
Photographer’s IG: @andrewgriswold

Alex Jiang


Model: iPhone XS Max
Location: US
Photographer’s IG: @justphotons

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