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We Drive Jeep’s New Concept Trucks in Moab, Utah and Test the New Leatherman Free Multitool

Will Jeep ever make the 2-door pickup truck they really, really should?


In this episode of This Week In Gear: Tanner Bowden reviews the all-new, magnet-construction Leatherman Free; Josh Condon rock-crawls in Jeep’s latest concept trucks; Will Price demonstrates Vermicular’s waterless cooking appliance; and Jack Seemer reveals the ultra low-cal now IPA from Dogfish Head. Also in this episode: Meg Lappe gives a one-minute rundown of the JaxJox KettleBellConnect.

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Featured Products

Leatherman Free


The Free P2 and P4 are multi-tools you’ll recognize; pliers are the central implement (hence the “P” moniker), and a suite of other tools swivel out of the handles. The key difference here is that, unlike older models like the Wave, Free tools integrate a magnetic construction that makes opening and using the tool significantly easier. Now, users can access and operate every included tool with one hand, which on its own makes the Free tools a major upgrade over any multi-tool Leatherman made in the past.

Buy Now: $40+Read More: Here

Easter Jeep Safari


“For 53 years Jeep has gathered the faithful in the Utah mountains for Jeep Easter Safari, an annual celebration of all things off-roading, rock-crawling, and related to American-made, WWII-bred 4x4s. For a week each spring, the town of Moab is overrun with dented Wranglers rolling high on humongous studded rubber and motel parking lots are filled with the clanging sound of wrenching and the disembodied legs of impromptu mechanics scrambling under a stuck winch or busted sway bar.”

Read More: Here

JaxJox Kettlebell Connect


“The JaxJox KettlebellConnect is a smart kettlebell that can change from 12-pounds to 42-pounds in seconds – at the touch of a button. Change the exact number on the digital display where you’ll store the weight and watch it add or subtract interior weights in just three to five seconds.”

Buy Now: $349Read More: Here

Vermicular Misui and Kamado


“After five years of Japan-exclusive availability, Vermicular’s Dutch oven/electric induction cooker combination appliance is coming stateside. Its specialty is waterless cooking — or cooking without adding water, broth or other liquids.”

Buy Now: $670Read Our Review: Here

Dogfish Head Slightly Mighty IPA


By substituting sugar with zero-calorie monk fruit extract, Dogfish Head was able to make a 95-calorie, 3.6-carb, 4-percent ABV IPA with the full-bodied flavor any snob would appreciate.

Learn More: HereRead Now: The 9 Best IPAs You Can Buy

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