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Today in Gear: The Perfect Work-From-Home Pants, VW’s Upcoming Pickup & More

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New & Noteworthy Releases

Need a Second Screen for Your Mac? You Might Already Have One

Apple's Sidecar feature lets you use your iPad as a second screen for your Mac.

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This 4WD Secret Service Van Is Ready to Become the Camper Van of Your Dreams

From Clinton's motorcade to your favorite camping spot.

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I Found the Perfect Pants to Work from Home In

Foehn is a master of producing clothing that crosses social norm borders, and its new pants are perfect for working at home without feeling like a schlub.

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VW Just Gave Us a Glimpse of Its Badass Ford Ranger-Based Pickup

Yet another awesome VW we won't be getting in the U.S.

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Swiss Watch Factories Are Halting Production. But Watch Collectors Can Still Enjoy Their Hobby

Trade shows canceled, watch production halted, you're stuck in your apartment, and it's just the beginning. Here's what the pandemic could mean for watches.

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Bentley’s Iconic Flagship Sedan Might Be Replaced By a Big SUV

Hope you like tall seating positions and plug-in hybrid powertrains.

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VW’s Tesla-Fighting Electric Sports Car May Be a Long Time Coming

The affordable VW electric performance car of your dreams may happen someday, but you'll have to be patient.

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Fresh Deals

breville bambino gear patrol lead full

Breville Bambino Espresso Machine
Save $100: Breville’s Bambino espresso machine is the most compact and affordable in its lineup. It’s also $100 off today on Amazon.

Buy Now: $500 $400


Huckberry Work From Home Sale
Save up to 65%: Stock up for the long haul with rugged, insanely discounted shackets, flannel shirts and other apparel that delivers inside and out.

Learn More: Here


Lululemon “We Made Too Much Sale”
Save up to 60%: Right now, 44 training-oriented shirts, shorts, hoodies, jackets and more are going at deep discounts. Is it premium stuff? Does Lululemon do anything else?

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Best Style Deals of the Week
Save 70%: Whether it’s a comfy pair of PJs, a rugged all-weather bag, or Italian-made sunglasses, it’s all on sale this week.

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Affordable Watches from Huckberry
Save Up to 33%: Right now, the online one-stop men’s shop is featuring discounts on all sorts of cool stuff, from affordable quartz field watches to serious automatic dive watches. Head over to Huckberry to peruse the full selection.

More Info: Here

Today on Gear Patrol

6 Things to Do with Your Car If You’re Stuck at Home

Your car can provide a welcome distraction, whether that's filling up time or getting away for a bit in socially responsible fashion.

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From Film to Digital: The Gear Patrol Staff’s Favorite Cameras

From film to digital, and pricey to dirt cheap.

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Scuba Diving in the Cayman Islands with Two Longines Dive Watches

We took two distinctly vintage-inspired Longines dive watches beneath the waves to see how their classic designs have held up over time.

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The Best New Hiking Gear of 2020

We don't all count ounces, but we feel them on our backs just the same. That's why the best new hiking gear is for thru-hikers and day hikers alike.

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15 Pieces of Gear to Get Your Desk in Order

The best gear for the deskspace provides everything a place to go and looks good doing it.

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The 7 Best Beer Glasses You Can Buy in 2020

From a classic pint glass to the rarified Teku, this is your guide to beer glassware that makes you look like you know what you're doing.

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Growing out Your Hair? Here’s How to Maintain It

The essential products, the best care and styling regimen, and some maintenance tips for the process.

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The 10 Best Mail-Order Meat Companies in America

Mail-order meat companies used to be all talk. Nowadays, some of the best butchers and meat producers in the country are in on the game.

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