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Today in Gear: An Intuitive Knife Sharpener, How You Should Actually Lace Your Boots & More

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Any decent chef will tell you that a sharp knife is one of — if not the — most important tools in a well-stocked kitchen. Not only is a sharp knife safer to use than a dull one; a well-kept blade will slice through tough meats and produce like butter, whereas the only thing a dull knife will slice through is, well, butter. What you may not know, however, is that you don’t need to buy a custom $500 chef’s knife to get a good, clean cut. In fact, a knife sharpener might just be the second most important tool in a well-stocked kitchen, and this Benchstone Knife Sharpener from Work Sharp is really all you need to make virtually any knife the so-called sharpest tool in the shed. The Benchstone uses Tri-brasive Technology for quick indexing between coarse and fine diamond and fine ceramic stone. Plus it features interchangeable angle guides for consistent strokes and a pivot response function that follows the curve of the blade in order to maintain steady contact. A sharp knife elevates the entire kitchen — so if you’re still mashing your meals to a pulp with a dull blade, use the link below to get to the cutting edge of kitchen tools.

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Need a New Bluetooth Speaker? Just Get This

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13 Wicked Gifts for Dads Who Like to Grill

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The California Company Bringing Planar Headphones to the Masses

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Almost 200 Brewers Are Collaborating on a Beer to Support Black Communities

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This Tee Is Raising Money to Support Black Communities

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The More Powerful Mazda 3 Looks Set to Arrive on July 8

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Two Avant-Garde Swiss Watch Brands Announce an Epic Collab

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A Cheap, Tiny and Affordable Grill Is Exploding on Indiegogo Right Now

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Toyota’s New Truck Could Be a Sneak Peek at the Next Tacoma

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This Is the Coolest Retro-Rerelease That You Can’t Have (Yet)

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This New Cycling Shoe Is a First for Nike

Perhaps in response to the pandemic-fueled explosion of Peloton — and certainly in line with it — the brand has rolled out its inaugural indoor shoe.

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GM Is Developing Its Own Electric Van to Rival Ford’s Camping Game-Changer

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One of Ford’s Coolest Vintage Trucks Ever Has Returned (But Not How You Might Think)

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Fresh Deals


Hydro Flask Hydration Pack 20L
Save 50%: Hydro Flask made this bag with a tough waterproof fabric, and it’s suspended with a comfortable mesh back panel that provides plenty of airflow to help prevent your back from getting too sweaty while hiking or mountain biking.

Buy Now: $200 $100


Adidas Ultraboost 20
Save 34%: The best feature of Ultraboosts is, of course, Boost foam in the midsole. Typically these discounts only apply to a limited selection of colors and sizes but right now that’s not the case.

Buy Now: $180 $119


Bowers & Wilkins PX Noise-Canceling Headphones (Refurbished)
Save $231: These Bowers & Wilkins’s headphone have been selling for $400, but World Wide Stereo is selling manufacturer refurbished models for $229. Even better, eBay is selling manufacturer refurbished models for $169.

Buy Now: $400 $169 (eBay)Buy Now: $400 $229 (WWS)

seiko snkp23 gear patrol lead full

Seiko Recraft Automatic
Save 52%: Get some 1970s styling with the Seiko Recraft SNKP23, featuring an automatic movement with day-date display and a matching bracelet.

Buy Now: $275 $133

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