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Today in Gear: February 5, 2014

Today in gear, we find an affordable mirrorless camera, a GPS watch for runners, a phone case that (technically) pays your bills and much more.



Incipio Cashwrap NFC iPhone Case
We all expect phone cases to protect our investment, but Cashwrap goes much further. Using NFC technology linked to your credit card(s), the case communicates with an app to allow you easy payments on the go with just a tap of your phone. Your information is housed inside the case in a secure chip, so it’s next to impossible for anyone to get at your stash, doubly so since you won’t be flashing cash or cards. $70

Olympus OM-D E-M10
An affordable mirrorless camera. Glory be. A 16MP sensor is only the beginning — throw in built-in wi-fi, an articulating touchscreen and multi-mode autofocus and you’re really cookin’. Then there are the classic looks to cap it all off. It’s a svelte package for a kickin’ camera, available mid-month. $799

Suunto Ambit2 R
This new workout watch from Suunto will be the company’s least expensive offering but maintains a full host of features for the runners of the world. Using a GPS device and an accelerometer in tandem, the watch can measure speed, cadence, pace and distance traveled. It’ll navigate you through a route, monitor your heart rate and connection to an app allow for even more features. suunto.com

You know what they say: keep your friends close and your IP address closer; who knows who’s tracking your online activity these days. Keep your information and physical location under lock and key with this little router add-on. Just hook it up, activate it via the Safeplug website and surf on a secure network. $49

Polar V650
The color touchscreen on this new device provides all the data you’d ever need (heart rate, elapsed time, speed, distance, altitude, et al) while zipping your bicycle around the world’s roads. Then it syncs the data to the Polar Flow web service for easy browsing; later this year an app as streamlined as your carbon fiber frame joins the roster and rounds out the way you’ll monitor and improve your stats in the future. $297+

The Nifty Minidrive
The problem with that sleek, shiny Cupertino machine on your desk is its lack of memory space and your inability to expand said memory. This little bugger plugs into your Mac’s SD card slot, instantly providing up to 64 extra gigs of storage space. It fits flush with your computer’s flanks and works with Time Machine for seamless backups as well. $40

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