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hodinkee insurance
Hodinkee Insurance

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Take the Worry Out of Owning a Watch with HODINKEE Insurance
Hodinkee Insurance

Sometimes the things we love the most can end up hurting us — like when you become so fond of your watch collection that actually wearing any one of them out of the house gives you too much anxiety. Sure, you could dig up receipts, have each watch privately appraised and individually insured — or you could save yourself some time (which is really the point of your watch in the first place) and check out HODINKEE Insurance. The preeminent resource for all things watches has teamed up with with Chubb Insurance to offer modern, streamlined insurance for watch collectors — so you can finally start wearing those bad boys outside the house without worrying about your wrist so much.

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The Most Important Pieces of Mid-Century Modern Furniture to Know
GraphicaArtisGetty Images

Ray and Charles Eames. Wegner. Noguchi. Nelson. These are the mid-century modern icons everyone should know.

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11 Style Releases We Obsessed Over This Week

From futuristic boots to fluffy sweatshirts and more.

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This Man Makes a Living Selling Vintage Ads, and Business Is A-Boomin'
Ad Patina

Nick turned his love for vintage watches into a full-time career sourcing and framing vintage watch ads, with the occasional car and camera ad thrown in for good measure.

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This Strange Pan Is Always Out of Stock. Except Right Now
Our Place

For the gram and for the kitchen.

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One Computer Display Setting You Should Change Right Away

Save your eyes (and your sanity).

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This Simple Upgrade Makes Biking Way Better
Fox Factory

What gravel and road cyclists need to know about the transformative power of dropper posts — coming soon to a bike near you.

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What to Expect From Apple's Big Events This Fall

September is just around the corner and with it, so too is Apple's next big hardware event. Here's what you can expect to get announced.

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Want to Buy a Camping Trailer? Here Are the Brands You Should Know
Happier Camper

Camping trailers are purpose-built vehicles that can be customized into a humble tent or a de facto luxury apartment, depending on your needs.

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The One Step You Absolutely Need to Take Before Reselling Your Apple Device

The quick and easy guide to factory resetting your Apple devices: iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Apple Watch and AirPods.

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Share Your Opinions About GP for a Chance to Win $200 Worth of Gear

Each year, we put together an audience survey to learn more about our loyal readers — what you love about Gear Patrol, what you don’t and everything in-between.

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The Best Jeans You Can Get for Under $50

There are plenty of options — some better than others.

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Some of the Best Recent Watch Releases You Might Have Missed
Vacheron Constantin

Grand Seiko's new tourbillon movement, Vacheron's newest Overseas models, a Italian-Japanese collab and more.

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The Key Organizer You Didn't Know You Needed Is Here

The Orbitkey x Gear Patrol Leather Key Organizer keeps your EDC sleek, organized and elegant.

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