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pale blue earth rechargeable aaa batteries
Pale Blue Earth

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You Need These Smart Batteries on Your Summer Packing List
pale blue earth rechargeable aaa batteries
Pale Blue Earth

After a long day out on the trail, not only do you need to rest and recharge but so does your gear. With Pale Blue Earth's AAA USB Rechargeable Smart Batteries, your gear will be back up and running long before you are. These rechargeable batteries are good for over 1,000 charge cycles and are fully recharged in under two hours — so you can spend more time exploring outside and less time sitting by a power outlet watching the charge status of your batteries. Speaking of battery indicators, Pale Blue Earth's batteries come with built-in LED charging indicator lights, so you'll always know when you're fully charged and ready to get back out there. Best of all, to charge them simply plug any micro USB cable directly into the battery — it's as simple as that.

Price: $25 (four-pack)


The 2022 Nissan Pathfinder: A Soft-Roader Embraces Its Roots
the all new pathfinder is an ideal family adventure vehicle not just in looks, but in modern capability as well every 2022 pathfinder features a 284 horsepower 35 liter direct injection v6 with 259 lb ft of torque the engine is matched with an all new 9 speed automatic transmission, which provides a smooth, strong, direct vehicle response

It's not a hardcore off-road SUV, but Nissan really wants you to view it that way.


Want an All-Clad Pan Without Paying All-Clad Prices? Check Out These Alternatives
all clad d5 cookware pan

Cheaper cookware for chefs on a budget.


5 Modern Mechanical Alarm Watches
modern mechanical watches
Gear Patrol

Because sometimes you want a notification that's spring-powered.


The Best Dandruff Shampoos for Fixing Your Dry, Flaky Scalp
jupiter balancing shampoo

A dozen options that address an issue plaguing 50-percent of the population.


How to Use AirPods As a Gaming Headset
tech roundup
Tucker Bowe

If you want to use your AirPods as a gaming headset, you can. But it's far from perfect.


These Adventure Vacations Are the Perfect Post-Pandemic Excursion
pacific overlander
Pacific Overlander

Sometimes you need something more exciting than sipping Mai Tais on the beach.


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