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Get the lowdown on Shinola's latest watch with a fellow Detroit icon, the return of one of Nokia's most popular phones and Norse Projects' hard-wearing capsule collection.

case knife manilla
Case Knives

We don't want to sound overly optimistic, but maybe (maybe) we're heading back to a place where product and trade shows are returning to regular order. Don't get us wrong: We're not advocating that any show rush the process or overlook any medical protocols. But, we'd also be lying if weren't missing times when we could get up-close-and-personal with brands' latest releases. With Blade Show West wrapping up last weekend and Wind Up Watch Fair happening later on this October here in NYC, we're starting to wonder if we're seeing a slight return to normalcy. Rounding out the week with our favorite product news and releases, this is Today in Gear.

Today in Gear is our daily roundup of all the latest product announcements, drops and news. Want your question featured in our weekly "Ask an Expert" column? Send your most pressing product questions to
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Keep your EDC sharp with Case Knives' new Marilla blade.
case knives
Case Knives

While Case Knives has been crafting blades for over 130 years, that doesn't mean it's resting on its laurels. Its modern set of EDC knives — including the sleek Marilla — are designed for practical, reliable daily use. The Marilla boasts a satin-finished S35VN steel drop point blade, backed by an anodized aluminum handle. Made in Case Knives' Bradford, PA factory, the Marilla is the best way to tackle any task.


Shinola leverages fellow Detroit icons for an all-new, one-of-a-kind watch.
shinola watch

If there's one thing Shinola is connected to, it's Detroit. The brand is honoring its hometown by teaming up with fellow locals Pewabic Pottery to create a clay-dialed 41mm Runwell. Featuring Pewabic-made stoneware on the watchface, an Argonite 703 quartz movement a tumbled stainless steel case and leather strap, it's like you're wearing a little piece of Detroit on your wrist.


One of Nokia's most popular phones returns to market in the UK.
nokia phone

The Nokia 6310 is iconic in its own right, standing solidly as of the more popular mobile phones in circulation during a time before smartphones. Nokia has rereleased its classic 6310 — albeit with a few aesthetic modernizations — featuring 16GB of RAM, wireless FM radio and 20 hours of in-use battery (with 22 days of life in standby mode). Oh, and before we forget: Yes, it also includes the game of Snake.


Norse Projects teams with University of British Columbia's Tundra Ecology Lab to shape hard-wearing capsule collection.
norse projects
Norse Projects

Norse Projects wasn't messing around when it was designing this capsule collection. Outfitting the Tundra Ecology Lab's scientists as they conducted global warming experiments on Ellesmere Island, Norse Projects provided the team with Rokkvi 5.0 and Nunk parkas (featuring Gore-Tex), on top of every day staples like brushed wool sweaters and elk skin gloves. Norse Projects may have created a stylish Fall/Winter collection, but it's hardly far from functional.


Nail nearly any on-trail repair with Wolf Tooth's new 8-bit system tool set.
8 bit system tool set
Wolf Tooth

It's easy enough to deal with when you're at home, but how do you handle trailside fixes — especially if you're not adding extra bulk to your carry with a full-on tool kit? Wolf Tooth's new 8-bit system of multitools are light and compact enough to fit in a tool wrap, with three tools — 8-Bit Chainbreaker and Utility Knife, 8-Bit Tire Lever and Rim Dent Remover and 8-Bit Pack Pliers providing over 22 functions in total.


Ask an Expert
gear patrol hamiltonlead
Gear Patrol Studios

A Gear Patrol reader asks: "Had an unfortunate incident last night and my Gear Patrol x Hamilton watch was stolen from my AirBnB in Mykonos. It has become my favorite watch and my daily wear. Can you recommend any replacements? Would very much like to replace my adored favorite watch."

The Expert:
First off, we want to send our condolences; that's really unfortunate to hear about your watch — especially on vacation. We checked in with our team and, while there aren't any immediate plans to re-release this collab in the future, we were able to figure out some alternatives that should come close to replacing this watch.

"It should be easy to get a very similar Hamilton watch just without some of the Gear Patrol-orange details. The whole Khaki Scuba Auto line is nice and comes down to a matter of choosing some colors. In our opinion, this rubber strap option is pretty close to the Gear Patrol watch. This option is also very close, especially if you're looking for a replacement with orange accents." - Zen Love, Staff Writer, Watches.

The new VanMoof V is the brand's fastest eBike, but for some it could be difficult to own and ride.

Infrastructure for fast eBikes doesn't really exist yet–at least not in big cities. Maybe by the time the VanMoof V starts shipping at the end of 2022 it'll be easier to own and ride. Plus: AirCarbon sunglasses and tips for getting ahead of this season's supply chain shipping woes.

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