Today in Gear: In-the-Know on New Gear Releases

The rundown on G.H. Bass' new outdoor line, Camelbak's first-ever filtration collection and Uniqlo's latest +J collab.

Can you believe that the penny loafer is 85 years old? The iconic staple of men's style, popularized by G.H. Bass' Weejun silhouette, is old enough to feasibly be a grandfather — which is fitting, since it's the type of footwear that could be feasibly worn by three generations simultaneously. While it celebrates the loafer's major milestone, G.H. Bass has also shown a willingness to step into the future via a completely different space, recently unveiling a whole line of outdoor-focused footwear and apparel (more on that in a second). Of course — that's not the only apparel-adjacent gear update worth your time today. From the latest (and final?) Uniqlo +J drop to Carhartt WIP's new collaboration watch, closing out your week, this is Today in Gear.

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Blackout Your EDC With GiantMouse’s All-Titanium ACE Riv

GiantMouse has earned a cult following thanks to the team’s deeply personal approach to each and every design; it's a personal touch that even extends to the naming process. In the case of the ACE Riv, the model is named after the team’s favorite local dive bar near GiantMouse's current HQ in East Lansing, MI. This version of the Riv — featuring a 2.44-inch blade — is in full titanium, completely blacked out with a PVD coating and weighs in at just 2.8 ounces.


Your favorite loafer brand steps into the outdoor gear space.
G.H. Bass

G.H. Bass, the brand responsible for the iconic Weejun loafer, has gone off-road with the Bass Outdoor collection. Featuring a combination of hiking boots, trail shoes and outdoorsy apparel, it's interesting to see a brand behind one of the most important "dress shoes" of our time get more in touch with it's gorp-y side.


Is Fall/Winter 2021 your final chance to shop Uniqlo +J?
man wearing uniqlo clothing

If you're at all familiar with Uniqlo +J (or Uniqlo designer collaborations in general), you already know it's an incredible suite of sensibly stylish gear at an eye-poppingly affordable price. The bigger news this time around is that, while announcing the Fall/Winter 2021 collection, a quote from Jil Sander has fans wondering if she's moving on from the partnership once again. Regardless, we'd recommend setting your watches for drop day.


CamelBak teams with LifeStraw for its first-ever filtration collection.
man wearing camelbak

Whether you're looking for bottle to bring on a suburban run or a bottle built to handle the rigors of an extended hike, CamelBak's new collaboration with LifeStraw makes it easier than ever to hydrate on the go. Set for use with the Eddy and Crux systems, the LifeStraw tech double filters the water, removing bacteria and parasites, on top of chemicals, lead and chlorine for a crisp taste (and, more importantly, safe drink).


Carhartt WIP launches chronograph collaboration with Timex.
timex x carhartt wip range c allied chronograph

As part of its Fall/Winter 2021 collection, Carhartt WIP has dropped a riff on the Timex Allied Chronograph, swapping in an all-black dial with safety orange accents on the seconds and subdial hands. The main watch hands are luminescent, with the watch featuring an Indiglo backlight. Just like Carhartt WIP, it's modern style — inspired by hard-wearing gear.


Ask an Expert
jack daniels sbbp gear patrol lead full
Gear Patrol Studios

A Gear Patrol reader asks: As it gets colder, I'm looking for a whiskey to add to my bar cart. I'm trying to find a whiskey that's fairly easy to find and buy, (relatively) affordable and is a little bit more elevated or impressive than Jack Daniels, Johnnie Walker, Jameson and the like. Any recommendations?

The Expert:
"Off the bat, I'm inclined to tell you that if you like Jack Daniel's you should drink Jack Daniel's (JD Single Barrel Barrel Strength is incredible, for what it's worth). But if you are looking for something a cut above the regular that you can find on shelves consistently, I'd try Four Roses Small Barrel Select. It's complex, delicious and available in most markets for about $60 or so. It's been my go-to pour for friends visiting since it came out in 2019, and it hasn't failed to impress. I'd also give New Riff Single Barrel a try; it's about $50 usually and the distillery looks like it may become a household name sooner rather than later." - Will Price, Assistant Editor, Home and Design.

If you're a watch nerd, you might feel a certain way about Bremont's new movement.

Apple launched a ton of new and updated products this week, and Porsche just released the 918 Cayman GT4 RS. But Bremont revealed its new limited-edition Longitude watches with an equally new in-house movement, and some folks don't consider it truly custom... it's a whole thing.

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