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Today in Gear is our daily roundup of all the latest product announcements, drops and news from Gear Patrol Studios.

GMC just unveiled its 2023 GMC Canyon AT4X – and it’s already turning heads. The new, premium model is equipped for off-roading but offers everything we’ve come to expect from a furnished midsize truck. Built with a three-inch factory lift and wide track 33-inch MT tires, the Canyon AT4X also boasts vaunted Multimatic DSSV dampers, front and rear e-lockers and a heavy-duty skid plate and rock sliders. On top of that, fans can also switch between Baja Mode (designed for high-speed off-roading), Terrain mode and standard Off-Road mode. Of course, the company didn’t spare any expense when it came to upgrading the vehicle’s tech, as the new model will include an 11.3-inch infotainment touchscreen and a 6.3-inch head-up display. Drivers can also take advantage of a cutting-edge off-road performance display that can harness up to 10 cameras. All in all, the 2023 GMC Canyon AT4X is here to reimagine what premium off-roading looks like, but fans can check out a full preview here.

Today we’re looking at one-off furniture made from recycled metals, a sustainable t-shirt and Gucci’s new dive watch. This is Today in Gear.

Today in Gear is our daily roundup of all the latest product announcements, drops and news from Gear Patrol Studios. Send your most pressing product questions to

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Meet the Luka, the Lightest, Most Breathable Short That Legends Has Ever Made

The Luka Short is an iconic part of Legends’ lineup. Toting four-way stretch fabric, a split-curve hem for added mobility and style and laser-cut ventilation across the rear panels for extra breathability, the shorts offer fans the high-performance athletic gear the brand is known for. The Luka was built for cardio days and speed training and includes an optional athletic brief liner and a built-in phone or accessory pocket. On top of that, the shorts also boast a durable, premium zipper on the back pocket and standard side pockets (the added accessory pocket is on the right side). Adorned with premium, reflective draw cords as well as reflective striping across the back pocket, it’s easy to see why the Luka Short has remained a best-selling style since it was introduced. Fans can shop for Luka, a breathable short you’ll want to wear every single day, in 20 different colors and prints.


One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure: Meet the Vollebak Garbage T-Shirt

The self-titled ‘Garbage T-Shirt’ is the newest addition to Vollebak’s Garbage Range. The brand explains that the shirt harnesses ‘two waste streams that were designed to spend the next few centuries on a rubbish pile –– old clothes and plastic bottles.” From there, it transforms the materials into a soft, speckled tee. In the past, the brand created a warm, fire-resistant ‘Garbage Sweater’ made from discarded bulletproof vests and firefighter suits. This newest innovation marks another exciting step for the brand and reaffirms its commitment to redefining ‘raw materials.’ Fans can take advantage of advance access at the link below, where the Garbage T-Shirt is available in six sizes and two colorways and retails for $110.


The HUCK Bucket Come With Handles That Can Hold Up to 600 Pounds
Huck Performance Buckets

This bucket is setting records – and a lot of them. Today, HUCK Buckets are the only buckets 100 percent made in the USA and the only bucket not made from high-density polyethylene (a petroleum-based plastic). Instead, the HUCK Bucket is made with a BPA-free, proprietary blend of impact-modified polymers called SpryTECH. It features handles equipped with marine-grade stainless steel hardware tested to hold over 600 pounds, thanks to the brand’s Stay-Put Handle system. On top of that, the buckets come with a lifetime warranty on manufacturer's defects and each bucket is built to be repaired – never disposed of – as every single piece can be replaced. Its basic Naked Bucket retails for $100, though fans can also shop upgraded equipment like the Ice Bucket or even build their own Custom Buckets.


By Jamps Is a Collection of Gorgeous Objects and Furniture Made From Recycled Metal
James Robert Brown

Jamps is a London-based design and research consultancy that offers sustainable suggestions to designers, architects and larger cultural institutions. Now, its launched a small sub-brand called “By Jamps” where the design team lists sculptures, objects and furniture made from scrap metal left behind from larger projects. The entire Summer 2022 Catalog showcases an eclectic collection of lamps, candelabras, tables, stools and even a woven sofa made from recycled aluminum. Each item is a rare one-off piece, though the studio alludes that they may be open to making a second piece for the right party.


Gucci Just Dropped an $1,850 Dive Watch

While most sturdy dive watches will come with a much heftier price tag, Gucci’s newest release is made with a rubbery ‘bio-based’ material. Water-resistant up to 200 meters, at least 46 percent of the watch’s bracelet and 65 percent of its case is made up of the new material (which is presumably made of renewable, natural sources). Meanwhile, the crown, buckle and case back are recycled steel. However, before you get too amped about this steal – note that the ‘imaginative’ watches are decidedly playful and toe the line between cartoonish and camp. That said, they’ll make a great (generous) gift for younger family members and pave the way for a new generation of soft watches.


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