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Today in Gear: The Midweek Product News Rundown

Today in Gear is our daily roundup of all the latest product announcements, drops and news from Gear Patrol Studios.

As reported by The Race and others, "Formula 1 has finally approved its new engine regulations for 2026, paving the way for ‘new’ manufacturers such as Audi and Porsche to enter F1 in the near future." This marks a significant shift in the F1-iverse, partly due to the new VW Group momentum: Porsche is working on a partnership with current F1 Rockstar team Red Bull Racing, and Audi is rumored to be taking over the Alfa Romeo/Sauber team. But new 2026 Power Unit regulations are significant and include an updated powertrain with "similar performance to the current designs, utilizing high-power, high-revving V6 internal combustion engines," environmental sustainability efforts, a reduction in "overall costs for competitors" and enticing opportunities for new Power Unit manufacturers.

Today we’re looking at retro apparel from L.L. Bean and J.Crew x New Balance, the death of the gas-burning Challenger and Charger and more.

Today in Gear is our daily roundup of all the latest product announcements, drops and news from Gear Patrol Studios. Send your most pressing product questions to tig@gearpatrol.com.

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Honda's Prologue to a Prelude

The Honda Prologue, a midsize, all-electric SUV, will launch in 2024. While it won't be the brand's first EV, the Prologue will be its biggest, most mainstream model in that category. It'll be unlike any other Honda on the road in other ways too. Prologue shares a platform with GM vehicles; consequently, expect Prologue to be the size of a Chevy Blazer. But Honda's version is expected to cost more: the Blazer EV starts at $44K, while Autocar hypothesizes the Prologue will start at around $50K. Lastly, while The Youth may not appreciate that this new model's name is an homage of sorts to the brand's popular '70-'90s Prelude coupe, we can't help but notice the... stark difference between the two vehicles.


L.L. Bean goes retro as hell, and we're here for it

Vaunted outdoors brand L.L. Bean has been around the block a time or two, so its version of retro is an authentic memory rather than a trite cash grab like other newer brands' efforts. Case in point: the 1922 Mountain Classic Collection ($20+), a series of '90s throwback colorways and silhouettes applied to apparel, footwear, accessories and more. Some backstory: "the very first Mountain Classic Anorak prototype was trail-tested in 1990 on an L.L.Bean-sponsored Peace Climb of Mount Everest" and came along when consumers were starting to show interest in high-end outdoors apparel. The new collection is anchored by the same Anorak as the original lineup and is joined by a slate of other gear, all featuring nostalgic colorways.


TwelveSouth's "most flexible MacBook stand"
Twelve South

For many folks, working from home is standard practice these days, and brands have responded swiftly with upgraded gear aimed squarely at home-friendly products. TwelveSouth's latest is the Curve Flex MacBook stand ($80), which props laptops in all manner of positions for optimal use. The Curve Flex will lay relatively flat for seated work and raise to a height of 22" when it's time to rise to the occasion (the occasion: your legs fell asleep). It will facilitate keyboard angles from 0° to 45° for every preference. The Flex Curve is available now in matte black or white and is meant to be as portable as your work, too, and easily folds into an included neoprene travel sleeve.


J.Crew x New Balance always seem to know exactly what we want

J.Crew's collabs with New Balance are always so on-point that we're beginning to think the shoes are some sort of PsyOp designed to glow-up America's style quotient. And, CIA, if you're listening and that's even close to true: brainwash away. The latest sneaker from this dynamic duo is the 997H model ($99), originally sold in the '90s, brought back in a streamlined silhouette with a trio of colors that J.Crew calls "dove, navy and highlight." There's just enough *pop*, just enough earth tones, just enough... must... buy... sneakers...


The Dodge Challenger and Charger as we know them are dunzo

The EV Revolution is changing the automotive landscape irreparably and in myriad ways, milestone after milestone. That's not a complaint–we're excited about an electrified future. Some hit harder than others, though, and this was a surprise. We knew the current-gen internal combustion Challenger and Charger were slated to be replaced by battery-powered upstarts, but so soon? Stellantis has announced that 2023 will be the final year for both current models, followed by an 'electric muscle car concept' that'll bow in 2024.


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