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Today in Gear: Your Product Drop Radar

Today in Gear is our daily roundup of all the latest product announcements, drops and news from Gear Patrol Studios.

a gshock watch on a graphic with march 21 date

Ever dreamt of owning a piece of history? Well now, you have the perfect chance to do so. Several artifacts that belonged to Aisin-Gioro Puyi – i.e. China’s very last emperor – are currently up for auction at the Phillips auction house. One standout? The emperor’s impossibly rare Patek Philippe Ref. 96 Quantieme Lune. Only eight pieces were ever made, and the watch features a triple-calendar function plus moon phase complication. Moreover, of the eight models, only three were created with this piece’s Arabic ‘roulette’ dial. In the past, Ref. 96 models have hit price points between $500,000 and one million dollars – but none have carried a legacy quite as great as this one. Fans can learn more about the treasure here, with a sale to come at a yet undisclosed date.

Today we’re taking a look at a new G-SHOCK, self-leveling tripod and cure-all miracle product. This is Today in Gear.

Today in Gear is our daily roundup of all the latest product announcements, drops and news from Gear Patrol Studios. Send your most pressing product questions to tig@gearpatrol.com.

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G-Shock Teases the New Recrystallized Series
gold g shock watch

Casio has announced G-SHOCK’s 40th Anniversary watches will launch as the new ‘Recrystallized Series.’ The first G-SHOCK debuted in April 1983. Now, fans will have the chance to shop a trio of new timepieces that pay homage to the very first G-SHOCK. For the first time in the brand’s history, each watch will combine stainless steel recrystallisation and deep-layering technologies to deliver three models equipped with ‘unparalleled toughness’ – and ‘beauty.’ The matte black DW-5040PG-1, shimmery silver GMW-B5000PS-1 and glimmering gold GMW-B5000PG-9 will drop first in Japan with international release dates to follow.


This Miracle Product Deserves a Place in Your Camp Kit
a woman holding a spray bottle
Magic Molecule

Magic Molecule calls itself an ‘all-in-one hypochlorous acid skin solution’ – but what exactly does that mean? It means the product can be used to effectively heal acne, bug bites, sunburns, scars, eczema, cuts, scrapes, and more. It’s powered by hypochlorous acid, a natural antimicrobial that’s produced by our own white blood cells to fight off infections, inflammation and common irritants. As a result, the hypoallergenic, all-natural, vegan and cruelty-free formula can quickly combat a wide range of issues. So shop Magic Molecule ($25) today, and make sure to throw a bottle in your pack before your next hike.


A Self-Leveling Tripod
a camera on a tripod

Travel photographers, vloggers and general adventurers rejoice – this one piece of gear is sure to make your next project easier. The Benro Theta is an auto-leveling tripod that weighs in at just 2.3 pounds. It’s designed for fast deployment and quick camera mounting with quick locking mechanisms across the legs and top. Best of all, rapid auto-leveling instantly ensures stable placement by automatically adjusting its legs. Meanwhile, a dual functioning ball head allows users to move the camera as needed, or keep it locked in while the tripod is level with the ground. Currently available on Kickstarter, fans can back this project to try the Theta for themselves for just $349.


An Ultralight Pant for Every Activity
a man hiking

Hiking? Jogging? Climbing? Do it all in Beyond’s new Avid Ultralight L4 Pant ($99). Designed for active, multi-season use, this tapered pant is made of ultra lightweight fabric to ensure optimal mobility and layering. Its quick-drying fabric boasts four-way stretch and is equipped for prime wind-resistance. As a result, it’s a comfortable piece you can throw on before any activity – or spend a day lounging in. Available now in five colors and a wide range of sizes, this activity pant is sure to become your favorite jogger.


Celebrate Your High Highs with Beboe
a bag and box next to a gummy

Beboe offers a wide range of cannabis products that have been fine-tuned for specific use cases. With everything from the usual sleepytime gummies to energizing hustle gummies, perhaps the most interesting products come from the brand’s ‘Inspired’ series. The brand offers ‘Inspired’ pastilles, gummies and vape pens designed for ‘early afternoon enjoyment and social gatherings.’ Powered by a blend of THC, CBG and CBD the products promise a ‘gentle, euphoric, clear-headed high unlike any other’ and allow users to enjoy a buzz without getting bogged down or (painfully) anti-social. Fans can read up on the products’ full specs at the link below, and find a suite of other goodies optimized for your preferred use case.


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