Jorg Gray 6500 Commemorative Edition Chronograph Watch

A Great Looking Watch with a Rather Famous Fan


I’m not ashamed to admit that, compared to several of Gear Patrol’s other staffers, my knowledge of timepieces is limited. For instance, Brian’s primer on upgrading your watch knowledge was a revelation, and frankly I appreciated someone stating all the basics in such an easy to consume fashion. That said, based on my brief exposure to this world, it’s clear that what’s supposed to matter about watches are factors like: movement construction and accuracy, case materials and quality, and brand longevity. Though this is all understandable, at least personally I’ve yet to reach the stage where looks aren’t a top priority.

Some on our staff and friends like Hodinkee may cringe at the statement, but, as a technophile, my cell phone will always be close at hand to display the time in big block digital numbers. So my reasons behind owning a watch are for more of a fashion statement than anything else.

Spending the last several weeks wearing the Jorg Gray 6500 however has helped pushed me down the precipitous path of watch obsession. Will it slowly appreciate over time to double it’s original value? No. Will casual passers by notice it and immediately associate me as part of the upper eschelon’s of society? No. Will it maintain time accuracy to within 3 seconds for months, if not years of time? Probably not.

What I can say is that for $325, this watch is hands down one of the best accessories I’ve ever had the privilege to wear. Whether accompanying a formal suit or khaki shorts and polo, the chronograph’s polished steel case and matte black dial looks great on my arm. Socially it’s also drawn so much positive attention it verges on absurdity. Not that it should matter, but hey it doesn’t hurt.


However I really can’t take credit for having the personal taste to recognize that on my own. You see Barack Obama also happens to enjoy the time piece. Thus as a tribute, each watch features an engraved backing that marks the day he assumed presidential powers, and is numbered with its place in the series production line.

Sure owning number 302,899 might not hold the same cache as other limited edition watches out there and in some ways may even defeat the purpose numbering all together. Buying something just because a well known character wears it is also something I’d typically avoid doing (especially if that person is involved politically). But this is Barack Obama, and I’m a watch newbie. So for those of you out there about to test the watch owning waters, I’d highly recommend giving the Jorg Gray a chance. It looks great, and has far more intrigue than it’s price point would let on. Can you ask for much more when priming the fires of watch obsession?


Editor’s Note: If you like the style but you prefer colors other than black, the JG6500 is also available in Rose Gold and Bronze. To view those colors Click Here. Also check out our other recent review of the JG1900 chronograph as well.


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