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6 Great Shoes for a Casual (Yet Spirited) Drive

Not all spirited driving happens on the track, but you still need the right shoes to properly dance on the pedals.


When the time calls for a spirited drive, you’re not always heading out to the track. You may simply be heading to “point B” when a backcountry road catches your eye on the GPS, or an empty canyon road gets the heart pumping a bit faster. This is not the time to call in the Nomex overalls, gloves and FIA-rated fire proof driving boots. Yet proper footwear is still a must for throttle feathering and brake feel. Certain footwear like dress shoes or leather boots may look good when you get to your destination, but with stiff uppers and thick wide soles, you’ll be clumsily mashing the pedals. Shoes with good grip, a thin sole, and decent flex will let you dance the dance of heel-toe shifting a lot easier, so you can focus on keeping the car on the road. These six shoes let you enjoy a spirited drive and, upon exiting the cockpit, don’t hurt your style points either.

With suede, leather laces and accents, Ralph Lauren adds class to a lightweight sneaker.
Ralph Lauren Vaughn Suede Sneaker $79

A rounded heel and narrow toe box lend themselves nicely to cramped classic sports cars adorned with three pedals.
Lonsdale Camden Trainers $33

Senna was a huge fan of loafers. Enough said.
Cole Haan Howland Penny $120

With a high ankle, thin sole and leather upper, Keds accidentally modernized Fangio’s footwear.
Keds Vintage Roster High $60

The unique sole design is great for gripping the brake pedal while rolling over to blip the throttle on downshifts.
Nike Free Trainer 5.0 V6 $100

A more casual take on the faultless loafer.
Sperry Striper CVO Salt Washed Twill Sneaker $60

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