What to Wear While Driving

Because there’s no reason you shouldn’t stay stylish and comfortable behind the wheel.


Driving on apex-less public roads may not require fireproof overalls and a helmet, but that doesn’t mean that what you wear behind the wheel is inconsequential. Whether it’s a long haul across a couple state lines or just a quick jaunt into town for groceries, there’s no reason you shouldn’t stay stylish and comfortable in the driver’s seat. Balance form and function with our picks for the best driving kit.

Great Leather Gloves

A thin but insulated pair of grippy leather gloves allows for both firm driving feel and warm fingers.

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A Better Pair of Driving Sunglasses

When the sun threatens to slow you down, make sure your sunglasses can battle it back.

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Stylish Driving Moccasins

Slim, comfortable and grippy — if you’re looking for the perfect driving shoe, look no further than the classic driving moccasin.

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Great Shoes for a Casual (Yet Spirited) Drive

Spirited driving doesn’t just happen on the track, but you still need the right shoes to properly dance on the pedals.

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