Aston Martin Is Offering 2 Super-Rare Cars With a James Bond Theme

The new James Bond movie debuts soon, and Aston Martin is celebrating with limited editions of the Vantage and DBS Superleggera.

aston martin vantage 007 special edition
Aston Martin

Stereotyping car buyers can be reductive, even insulting — but it’s probably safe to assume that at least a small part of the man who opts to buy an Aston Martin over a Ferrari, Lambo or Porsche wants to be like James Bond. That feeling is by design: Aston Martin has been intimately tied to the Bond franchise throughout the decades, and leans into that heritage hard.

The latest Bond film No Time to Die is due to finally hit theaters in November, with no fewer than four Aston Martin vehicles making an appearance. Aston Martin is celebrating the cinematic return with two special-edition 007 cars from the "Q by Aston Martin" commission service.

The first is the Vantage 007 Edition, inspired by the 1987 Bond film The Living Daylights. Aston Martin will offer it in Cumberland Grey with a black leather and dark chrome interior. It will include various references to the film, including the skis and ski rack and nods to missile guiding systems, radio frequencies and chase scenes. You can choose either a manual or automatic transmission. The Vantage 007 Edition will be limited to 100 units.

aston martin dbs superleggera 007 edition
Aston Martin

The second, even more exclusive Bond-themed Aston will be the DBS Superleggera 007 Edition, limited to 25 units. That will be more of an appearance package with some 007 branding, rather than the explicit movie references; it will have unique Ceramic Grey paint, an Aeroblade II in black-tinted carbon fiber and 21-inch Gloss Black diamond-turned Y spoke wheels.

Bond-themed Aston Martins need to strike a delicate balance, as buying a kitschy movie-themed car feels like about the least suave, sophisticated and Bond-like thing one can do. But these two limited run cars definitely feel subtler than the gadget-laden DB5 continuation vehicles.

The Vantage 007 Edition will cost around $213,000, while the DBS Superleggera 007 Edition will run about $369,000. The cars are on sale now, with worldwide deliveries to start in the first quarter of 2021. And should you need a new garage suitable to house your exquisite, limited run 007 car, Aston Martin can build you your own Bond villain lair to go with it.

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