This Truck Bed Camper Is Way Better Than a Camping Trailer for Overlanding

Talus Expedition Gear's VenturePack offers everything you'd want from a camping trailer — plus, you don't need to tow it.

talus bed camper

Still hoping to dive into the world of overlanding? Well, we've got something that might make that seem more appealing than ever. Idaho-based Talus Expedition Gear has unveiled their new VenturePack Camper. Effectively, it's a camping trailer that fits into your truck bed, turning your pickup into a full-service off-the-grid overlanding vehicle — all for a, in camping terms, quite reasonable price.

The VenturePack gives you a kitchen drawer, which includes a 31-quart Dometic refrigerator, a Dometic sink, a 16-gallon potable water tank and a two-burner Dometic propane stove. It features an off-the-grid power system with a 120-watt solar panel, a 200-amp-hour AGM battery, a 2000-watt power inverter, and a 12-amp rapid battery charger. This setup powers a 120-volt outlet, an auxiliary 12-volt outlet and two USB outlets.

Talus’s VenturePack offers additional storage with up to four kitchen drawers and a gear drawer with up to 17 cubic feet of capacity, depending on the size of your truck bed. It has a top track compatible with most rooftop tents and gear racks. It also includes helpful items like a water filter pump and a night sky compliant campground light.

The VenturePack is compatible with every body-on-frame midsize and full-size truck currently available on the market (so, every pickup except the Honda Ridgeline). The price is $13,750. That means you could spec out a well-equipped Toyota Tacoma or Ford Ranger, throw in a quality rooftop tent and still come in under $50,000 with the Talus VenturePack.

Plus, it’s not a camping trailer, so you would not have to worry about towing anything. And if you don’t have any mulch to haul, you could conceivably just leave the VenturePack in the bed. It’s hard to get more convenient and cost-effective than that. (Of course, you will still need some essential overlanding gear items before you get on your way.)

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