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Our 5 Favorite Camping Trailers of 2019

As the year comes to a close, check out some of our favorite—and most luxurious—ways to get off the grid.


We wrote about quite a few different camping trailers in 2019. Some were tiny, affordable, and efficiently-designed camping add-ons. Others were designed for overlanding. And a few of them were full-on luxury villas on wheels that could — nay, probably should — replace your apartment. But they all brought something interesting to the table.

Below, then, are five of our favorites that we came across this year.

The Airstream Bambi

“Ask Airstream where the name “Bambi” came from, and they’ll say founder Wally Byam named it after a type of agile deer he saw while overlanding across Africa in the ‘60s. Dollars to donuts he actually named it after a certain Disney movie, but that’s neither here nor there.” —Will Sabel Courtney

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The Opus OP 15

“The hybrid caravan trailer may not be all that large — it’s just 15 feet long and seven feet wide, smaller than even an Airstream Bambi — but clever packaging means it crams most of the comforts of home into that space.” —Will Sabel Courtney

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The Polydrop

“While you can certainly find larger and more capable camping trailers, it’s hard to find one this cool-looking, functional and convenient — at least, for less than $20,000. It also looks like an honest-to-god, NASA-spec space capsule.” —Tyler Duffy

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The Bowlus Road Chief Wave Bespoke Edition

“Luxury Art Deco trailer manufacturer Bowlus Road Chief has announced its newest aluminum camping trailer: the Wave Bespoke Edition. As you might expect of something called a “bespoke edition,” it’s fairly nice.” —Tyler Duffy

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Living Vehicle 2020 Series

“The model is designed for full-time living and spending substantial time off the grid. It’s a luxury apartment on wheels — one that will minimize your energy consumption and water waste.” —Tyler Duffy

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