This Camper Van Is Unlike Any You've Ever Seen

If space and stealthiness is what you want above all, this boxy camper could be your dream ride.

advanced rv b box
Advanced RV

Let's face it: camper vans aren't exactly the sexiest-looking vehicles on the planet? Capable, versatile, adventurous? Absolutely. But no camper van is likely to catch the gaze the way that a sexy sport car or burly pickup truck can.

Now, the folks at Advanced RV, it seems, have decided to lean into that and treat it as a positive. If you can't make a camper van look cool, then what's the harm in making it look as uncool as possible if that means adding space and versatility?

Indeed, the Advance RV B Box prototype seen here looks like nothing so much as a U-Haul, especially in its partially-unpainted form. The vehicle is built on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter cab chassis, and designed to look as stealthy as possible, to keep people from realizing people could be living inside.

The van's buyers reportedly wanted to make sure they could live off the grid for a while, so Advanced RV outfitted the B Box with 15.2 kilowatt-hours of onboard battery power controlled by an easy-to-use interface that can even turn the van's engine on automatically to recharge the power supply as needed. A 50-gallon freshwater tank and 27.5-gallon individual greywater and blackwater tanks are present. And while it's not designed for overlanding, it still has nine and a half inches of ground clearance, which should be more than enough to navigate rough campsites.

camper van advanced rv b box
Advanced RV

Inside, there's a wet bath with a recycling system that lets you hygienically reuse the shower water, as well as a kitchen with a fridge, freezer and microwave. The sofa transforms into a bed that offers ample fresh air, thanks to windows on either side and a rear hatch that pops open for extra light and airflow.

If you have half an hour to spare, Advanced RV's YouTube walkthrough is well worth the watch (it's also chapterized in the description if you don't want to spend quite that much time on it). If you want your own, expect to pay right around what the company charges for its regular vans — roughly in the $300,000–$500,000 range. Sure, you could buy a regular house for that, but you can't exactly drive that across America, can you?

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