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Found: More Incredibly Beautiful Vintage BMWs

It seems the floodgates just opened: classic BMWs are pouring onto the market this week.


Editor’s Note: We love scouring the internet for reasons to spend money we don’t have on cars we daydream about owning, and these are our picks this week. All prices listed are bid amounts at the time of publishing.

It seems the floodgates just opened: classic BMWs are pouring onto the market this week. You won’t find any complaints here, mind you. And though it might be getting impossible to find anything vintage with relatively low mileage, let alone BMWs, the five here are in spectacularly good condition for their collective age.

1991 BMW M5

What we like: This isn’t the first early-’90s M5 to see over 250,000 miles, but you could guess that from the photos. The service history on this particular M5 is also well documented; everything that has been recently rebuilt or replaced is accounted for, and all of it was done with OEM BMW parts.
From the seller: I have all records of this car since day one. I have the window sticker, owner’s manual, vehicle service contract, service booklet and, of course, all the services records. Original car cover included also.

Mileage: 257,000
Location: Los Angeles, California

Bid Now: $10,000

1988 BMW M5

What we like: Considering the mileage, this M5 is better than most. But the car’s relatively clean state is owed to the enthusiast owner, and though he drove his M5 decent amount, he took incredible care of it.
From the seller: The owner has added 20K miles since purchase, including several 3,500-mile round trips from Texas to the East Coast for vintage BMW events.

Mileage: 200,156
Location: Cypress, Texas

Bid Now: $7,500

1988 BMW M3

What we like: Another iconic M Car from ’88. This M3 is in mint condition — it’s near impossible to tell it has over 155,000 miles on the clock. No cracks in the leather, no dirt or oil on the engine — incredible.
From the seller: This 1988 BMW M3 was purchased new in Bend, Oregon, before spending the remainder of its life in the Southwest and California. The seller has owned it for the last three years, during which time it has undergone a cosmetic refresh with new paint, glass and upholstery.

Mileage: 155,266
Location: Rancho Santa Margarita, California

Bid Now: $20,100

1984 BMW 528i Euro-Spec

What we like: The Euro-spec 5-Series had a much cleaner and more attractive design, and this particular example has a few light but tasteful modifications. If the relatively high mileage on this one is off-putting, the extensive service report should put any qualms at ease.
From the seller: This 1984 BMW 528i is a European-market example that was imported to California by the first owner in September 1984. He kept the car for 30 years before selling it to another California owner in 2014. The seller purchased this E28 last year from the second owner and has added 500 miles driving around the Ft. Lauderdale area.

Mileage: 96,195
Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Bid Now: $9,800

1971 BMW R50/5 + Stoye Sidecar

What we like: Curveball: motorcycle. Admittedly, the mileage is unknown and is most likely way above the stated 41,840. That said, the service records are well detailed, and the motorcycle and sidecar have been taken care of extremely well.
From the seller: Receipts for recent service are included, showing a total of $8K for engine and suspension work, new tires, cosmetic upgrades, and the installation and upholstery of the sidecar. The seller notes that the bike runs strong following recent service, tracks straight, and is stable at speed.

Mileage: 41,840 (questionable)
Location: Sacramento, California

Bid Now: $6,500

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