BMW Is Whipping Up a Faster, Even More Powerful M5

The BMW M5 CS takes the car we love and makes it better the old-fashioned way: less weight, more power.

bmw m5 competition 2020

Even by the wild standards of today's speed machines, the BMW M5 isn't exactly lacking in terms of power or performance. After all, the M5 is a 600-plus horsepower super-sedan that can crack off 0-60-mph runs in three seconds flat or less and tearing through turns with ferocity that would make supercars of just a few years back feel insecure.

But the automotive world is a never-ending arms race, where carmakers need to constantly develop newer, superior products or fall behind and die. So while nobody might need a quicker, more potent M5...that's not gonna keep BMW from building one.

The new BMW M5 CS, as it'll be called — as with the M2 CS and M4 CS, the letters stand for "Competition Sport" — was recently confirmed, of all places, on BMW M's Instagram account via BMW M head honcho Markus Flasch, who pulled back the curtain for a glimpse of the new super-sedan in an Instagram Story. The twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8's output climbs to 626 horsepower, a slight increase over the M5 Competition's 617 ponies — but it'll likely feel like a bigger boost than that, thanks to a claimed 144-pound weight reduction.

There's no silver weight loss bullet here; rather, BMW M shaved pounds by replacing existing parts with lighter versions. The hood is a new carbon-fiber unit, while the aggro carbon-fiber-framed seats from the new M3 and M4 also make their way to the interior; in addition, the rear seat loses its token middle spot, reducing passenger capacity to four.

Carbon-ceramic brakes boasting proud red calipers will also come standard, to help the M5 CS dominate in the track environments where it should excel, strange as the idea of a track-oriented sedan might seem. Yellow daytime running lights evoke those of race cars, while the alloy rims boast a goldish tint that reminds us of a more subtle version of the ones seen on Subaru STis.

Pricing hasn't been revealed yet, but expect it to cost a pretty penny over the $111,100 you'll need to fork over for a 2021 M5 with the Competition package (which went from being a separate sub-model to an option package for the '21 model year). We should learn more when it makes a formal debut, expected later this month.


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