Jeep May Be Planning to Borrow an Off-Road Trick from the Bronco or Hummer

Tighten up those turns.

jeep gladiator mojave gear patrol lead slide 3

It's safe to say that Jeep is facing more domestic threats to its all-American off-road dominance than it has in quite a while. Ford is taking the fight straight to the soul of Jeep's lineup with the new Bronco and Bronco Sport; General Motors, meanwhile, is dusting off the venerable Hummer brand to help lead the company's all-out push into electrification, revealing a new truck combo that offers a vision of what the off-roaders of tomorrow should be.

And while both may share looks and names with venerable brands, as new vehicles, both the Bronco and Hummer EV feature a bevy of high-tech features designed to help them succeed at their missions. So perhaps it's not all that surprising that Jeep might be looking to borrow a page or two from their playbooks.

As Muscle Cars and Trucks recently discovered, a forum member at received an email from Jeep on January 4th asking said member to take a market research survey regarding two potential future features: four-wheel-steering and "turn assist," or locking the inside rear wheel while off-roading to make a tighter turn.

The former, of course, will be found on the forthcoming Hummer EV, which will use it for the diagonally-moving "Crab Mode," while the latter can be found on the new Ford Bronco. As screenshots revealed, survey respondents were able to rank which of the two features they considered more valuable, or to say if they liked them both equally.

Of course, a market research survey is hardly proof of a new feature coming to market. Still, given how the off-roading world continues to boom, adding capabilities — or at least keeping other companies from one-upping you — is a great way to keep buyers from straying. Jeep has spent decades making its vehicles better for off-road use; why stop now?

That said, hey Jeep: So long as we're talking about good ideas other carmakers are using on their off-roaders, any chance we could see a Rivian tank turn feature at some point?


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