This Super-Luxurious Camping Trailer Is Perfect for Pets (And, Of Course, Humans)

The new Bowlus Terra Firma may cost as much as a house, but you could probably live in it.

bowlus road trip terra firma

Let's just get the awkward part out of the way first: $265,000. That's the starting price of the new Bowlus Terra Firma camping trailer. That, for the record, is over $100,000 more than the starting price of Airstream's fanciest towable, the Classic; it's nearly $50,000 more than the starting price of a Lamborghini Urus, and almost $40,000 more than an entry-level Ferrari Roma. In most parts of the country, you could buy a decent house for that amount.

But if you're cross-shopping the new Terra Firma with a home, you're probably not the Bowlus type.

bowlus terra firma

A Bowlus is for the sort of buyer who takes pride in craftsmanship and customization— the same kind of buyer who chooses a V12-powered AMG because it's the best there is, even if it doesn't seem like that on the spec sheet. Like a Singer-customized 911, each one is built specifically for its owner. It's for the distinguished connoisseurs who don't need to shout about their success, but rather, are happy to greet those who know with a sly smile and a nod.

Like the Endless Highways Performance Edition it's based on, the Terra Firma is built by hand from aircraft-grade aluminum. In spite of its size and luxury accoutrements, it weighs in at less than 3,200 pounds, making it light enough to be towed by a turbocharged Subaru Outback (or, as in the picture above, a Range Rover Evoque Convertible, if for some bizarre reason you feel like towing with the strangest car Land Rover ever made).

To make the towing experience easier, Bowlus has equipped the Terra Firma with a smart brake controller that enables it to work seamlessly with any tow vehicle capable of hauling the weight, regardless of what fancy factory towing options it may or may not pack. Hitching and unhitching takes just a minute, making it easier to leave the trailer behind at the campsite — and GPS tracking means you can keep an eye on it remotely while you're away.

bowlus terra firma dog

Inside, the Bowlus is outfitted with the fanciest cabin this side of a Sunseeker, its maritime-inspired design replete with high-end leather and wood trim. (Owners can work with the company's CEO and chief designer if they want something more bespoke than the interior seen here.) A pair of skylights help the sun flood the interior with light, making it feel more open than you might guess from the outside.

Thanks to a battery of lithium-iron batteries, the Terra Firma packs power for days — literally. The trailer's 8.0-kWh power pack is enough to keep the lights on and the water pumping for weeks of off-grid living, though that timeline will likely shrink a good bit if the climate control is being asked to fight off extreme heat or cold. (Still, the latter situation is likely the only time you'll be able to appreciate the heated floor.)

And, anyone who likes to bring Fido or Fluffy along on their vacations will be sure to love the Terra Firma's new "Pet-Flex" system, which makes sure your dog or cat is well taken-care of when you're out and about. Not only does it monitor the interior to make sure it doesn't get too hot or cold, but it can also automatically pop out food and water bowls on a motorized tray so they don't get hungry. It also comes with a personalized pet bed...even though we all know your pet's gonna sleep in the king-sized bed with you.


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