Toyota Just Made Building the Ultimate Off-Road Tacoma Easier

A new Toyota dealer-installed option will save owners time and effort.

toyota tacoma perched on a rocky trail
Jonny Miller

If you were to make a list of the coolest trucks on sale today in America, it'd be hard not to include the Toyota Tacoma. That said, one of the first things many Tacoma buyers do after buying a new one is figuring out how to modify their new truck to make it even cooler. Now, Toyota has announced it will save many of them some trouble — by offering a dealer-installed TRD Lift Kit.

The TRD Lift Kit provides a two-inch lift in front and a one-inch lift in back. It also adds TRD-tuned Bilstein monotube shocks, as well as a TRD Pro-style front grille to set modified Tacos apart from the rest of the Party Pack.

The TRD Lift Kit improves the ground clearance by 1.7 inches, bringing the total to 11.1 inches. It also improves the approach angle to 32º ( an increase of 3.1º), the breakover angle to 23º (+1.6º) and the departure angle to 24º (+0.5º). Best of all, unlike aftermarket lift kit options, the TRD Lift Kit is compatible with Toyota's Safety Sense driver assistant technology.

Toyota will offer the TRD Lift Kit on every 2020 and 2021 model year V6 4x4 Tacoma — with two exceptions. It won't be available on the TRD Pro, which has its own lift and suspension upgrades and the grille; it also won't be offered on V6 Tacos with a double cab and the long bed.

The TRD Lift Kit will cost $1,350, plus labor at the dealership, which is estimated at 4–5 hours. The parts come with a three-year, 36,000-mile warranty if done at the time of sale, or a one-year, 12,000 miles if performed afterward. The latter note presumably means that if you've already bought a 2020-plus Tacoma, you can bring it back to the dealer and have it installed.

Adding a dealer-installed lift kit is not as crazy as Jeep maybe doing in-house customizations, or Ford offering base Bronco customers the full-on Sasquatch package . However, it's still a cool, relatively affordable alternative to leveling up to the TRD Pro, which starts at $44,175.


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