This 10-Kilometer Porsche Will Sell for Over $2 Million on Saturday

Garaged and stationary for almost 25 years, this 911 RSR is a thing of preserved beauty.

First things first, it should be said that this car is still covered in the original Cosmoline, a rust protectant that makes the car look dirty. It’s still covered in the stuff because it was purchased, driven for 10 kilometers and then locked up in a private garage for a quarter century. But that’s not the only special thing about this particular 911.

This is a Type 964 Carrera RSR — it is one of the only 51 produced. The RSR is a variant on the 911 RS and utilizes a Turbo body and a model-specific 3.8-liter engine that was claimed to produce 350 horsepower. Reviews of the car suggested it was more powerful, especially since, with a run of 3.7 done by Car & Driver, it beat the then-king Ferrari F40 to 60 mph. The RSR piled on racing wins and accolades, especially in endurance: Spa, Le Mans, Daytona and more.

Sotheby’s notes that this particular example was a bit more flashy than the regular RSR race cars: it features Polar Silver Metallic paint and Guards Red leather seats, headliner, dashboard, steering wheel, door caps and roll cage. The carpets are Can Can Red; the gauge instruments and door pulls are trimmed in “silver-gray leather.” Wheels are Amethyst Metallic in color; the big brakes are gold.

If you’re around the Lake Como area on May 27, why not pop by and place a bid? This very well may be the most original classic Porsche out there: unique, high-performance and factory original, right down to the Cosmoline.

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