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The Nissan 400Z Is Probably Coming Soon, Because You Can't Find a New 370Z Anywhere

If you were looking to score a cheap Nissan 370Z from dealer closeouts, it appears you already missed out.

nissan z proto

It's safe to say that the Nissan 400Z (which may wind up being called the Nissan Z when it arrives, but that remains to be seen) is one of the cars we can't wait to drive in 2021. Hopefully, we won't have to wait much longer, as it seems the new Z-car should arrive very soon. The best evidence for that may be that, as CarsDirect noted, the outgoing 370Z appears to be all sold out.

Good luck finding a new 2020 370Z out there

Nissan had said it was extending 2020 sales for the 370Z into 2021, and would not confirm the car is out of production. But, Nissan recorded just 28 sales of the 370Z during the first quarter this year — and not a single new 370Z turned up on searches of Autotrader and Cars.com. So if you were hoping to score a cheap 370Z sitting around on a dealer lot...it appears that won't be an option.

(There are, however, still several used 370Z options you can pick up, including very lightly touched 2020 models listed on Carvana and eBay.)

Nissan is already marketing the 400Z (in a way)

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Another sign that the Nissan Z is fast approaching? The Z Proto concept that basically reveals the new features prominently in a new Nissan ad campaign with Brie Larson, one that highlights three-pedal driving and — perhaps a bit ironically for the company that sells the Sentra, Rogue and Kicks — laments the advent of boring cars. The only other Nissan with a manual transmission in the lineup is the Versa, so we suspect the commercial is building hype for the new Z.

What do we know about the Nissan 400Z?

Final details for Nissan's new 400Z (or Z) have not been released. But we've seen leaked photos of the final production version. Nissan's Z Proto concept featured a twin-turbo V6 engine, likely the engine from the Infiniti Q60, and a six-speed manual transmission. Reports have the new sports coupe packing as much as 444 horsepower and starting for as little as $35,000. Such figures could make the new 400Z a relative bargain compared to the Toyota Supra.


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