Camper Van Fans Take Heed: Ford's Raptor-Style Transit Van Could Come to America

Patent paperwork suggests Ford is thinking about it.

ford transit trail

Ford unveiled the Transit Trail in 2020. It offers off-roading upgrades such as Ford's Intelligent All-Wheel Drive system with terrain modes and a mechanical limited-slip differential for better traction. It also looks the part, with SUV-like fender flares, body-cladding and a very F-150 Raptor-like "FORD" black grille.

The Transit Trail is a great option as the base for a custom camper van (or for the Amazon driver who wants to go full send on some back roads). It's not quite a Ford Transit Raptor, but it's as close to one as Ford is ever likely to sell.

The one downside of the Transit Trail is that it isn't sold in America; Ford designed it for the European market. But that may change. Ford doesn't comment on future productions, but according to Motor Trend, Ford has patented the Transit Trail design in the United States — which seems like a sign they are at least strongly considering a stateside Transit Trail.

Adding the Transit Trail for U.S. buyers would line up with what Ford has been doing elsewhere in the lineup. Ford has been adding similarly cool off-road trims — like the Explorer Timberline — to not primarily-off-road-focused vehicles. Ford has also been targeting the booming camper van market with the Transit, introducing "Adventure Prep" and "RV Prep" packages as well as new color and wheel options.

Having access to the Transit Trail would presumably be popular with custom off-road camper van builders. The Mercedes Sprinter 4x4 has been their preferred choice, with builders like Storyteller Overland also branching out to the AWD Transit. But a more capable off-pavement-going Transit with access to Ford's massive service network could provide a really compelling option for a base vehicle.


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