A Legendary Sports Car Is Coming Back, But It May Be in a Different Form

An iconic nameplate from the 1990s will get another chance, potentially as an EV.

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Eric Adams

The original Acura NSX is one of the most iconic cars of all time. It had the optimal driver's rear mid-engine, rear-wheel drive layout with a naturally aspirated V6 and a manual transmission. F1 legend Ayrton Senna helped out with the chassis tuning. The current second-generation NSX has not been as big of a hit.

Reviews for the new NSX have been great. But with an intricate hybrid system and a steep price tag, it has not resonated the same way with buyers. Almost literally no one has bought an NSX, which is why it's due to depart the Acura lineup for a more affordable replacement after the last hurrah in 2022 with the Type S. But according to The Drive, the NSX's poor sales won't put Acura off from trying again with the NSX. A new NSX is coming, and it may be even more futuristic.

Acura Vice President and Brand Officer Jon Ikeda confirmed that there would be another NSX. He told The Drive, "If you notice, we make an NSX when there's something we want to say. The first-gen was gas. Second-gen was a hybrid. There's gonna be another one." When asked if that new car would be electric, Ikeda reportedly smiled and declined to comment.

If we presume we're getting a new NSX and it likely will be all-electric, it may take a long time. Honda appears to be far away from cranking out high-end electric cars. The brand has produced one of the most distinctive electric cars, the Honda e. But in the American market, Honda has mostly been pushing hybrids with vehicles like the CR-V and the Accord.

The first Honda and Acura EVs destined for America will be GM-built SUVs and won't arrive until 2024. Honda's dedicated EV platform may not arrive until after that. And Honda notably left an 11-year gap between the last two NSX generations. So "there's gonna be another one" may not necessarily mean a new NSX is in the immediate Honda/Acura product planning for 2023.


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