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Honda's Tiny Camper Van Is Absolutely Adorable

Kei cars are super fun, even if they are not coming to America.

honda n van camper

The Honda N-Van is a practical and versatile Kei car van. Distinctive features include a load floor with seats that fold completely flat and a passenger side with no B-pillar to allow for easier loading into the cabin. As Motor1 first spotted, Honda did the natural thing with a cool van and converted it into a camper van. The brand will display the tiny N-Van camper at the Feeld Good Festival in Hokkaido in October.

Honda's conversion is a simple one. They take advantage of the flat floor with a mattress running the length of the cabin vertically. There are cargo compartments affixed to the roof and the side near the rear hatch. An awning extends the living space outside, and there's a roof rack for storing additional gear. It's just about all you need for a not especially tall party of one.

Like the idea of the N-Van camper but want something a little more fleshed out? Motortrend uncovered a modified N-Van camper from Japanese builder White House Camper. That version offers multiple floorplans and can incorporate a more elaborate mattress, a pop-top roof and even a small kitchenette with a sink and microwave. Want something even cuter? Honda built a mobile café N-Van concept earlier this year.

Honda won't be bringing the N-Van camper to the United States. There isn't much use case here for a tiny van 18.5 inches shorter than a Mini Cooper that packs 63 horsepower. An American equivalent would look more like Toyota's awesome TJ Cruiser van concept. That vehicle had a similar flat load floor and would have made for a super cool camper van. Though with a wheelbase approaching that of the 4Runner, it would hardly be considered tiny.


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